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Thanks to reading the world has made great strides, in fact, the reading è essential for learning, have fun, study and work. Despite this, not all people are eager to read and prefer to listen and observe instead.

Many people find it tremendously burdensome and uncomfortable to have to read a book, news or instruction manual; however, there are solutions for everyone. THE   famous audiobooks have become very popular lately, among other snippets of lyrics that can be played in mp3 voice.

If you don't like reading, you prefer to listen to some text or you are doing some other activity, such as driving, which does not allow you to read, there is a way to convert the texts to mp3 and in the following article we will explain how to do it in a simple way it's fast.

How to convert text to audio?

This is possible thanks to a technology called speech synthesis. This computerized speech system can be used in both software and hardware, converting written language into spoken language.

This system is capable of reproduce complete sentences thanks to a large database with which it hosts the recorded words and speech fragments.

Although in the beginning it was a very rudimentary technology that reproduced the very robotic voice, today we can find versions that reproduce the voice and the similarity with the human voice is very high. In fact, it is so advanced that it is able to reproduce not just text, but images and pictograms.

Furthermore, these systems are programmed to reproduce the voice in multiple languages, with a better accent and also with regionalisms or local peculiarities.

Free text to speech converters

There are many free tools on Internet which can convert text to audio. Basically it's about searching and choosing the one you like best. Among the highlighted options we can find TTSReader, Festvox, vozMe, Ispeech and, of course, Loquendo.

TTS player

A very practical synthesizer that converts text to speech quickly and easily. This tool has the ability to read both Spanish and English and has no character limit.

It also has the option of play texts at slow, normal or fast speed, however, in case you want to record audio, you need to use an external application.


Another fairly simple to use synthesizer that allows you to save snippets of text in different formats, among which we have WAV, SUN, AIFF e ULAW, which you will then need to convert to mp3 with another converter.

you give me a voice

It allows you to save and play spoken texts in mp3 format and you can paste the text in any language and the tool will automatically recognize it and start playing it. This tool is compatible with almost all devices.


This synthesizer is another good alternative since it performs the same functions as the ones mentioned above, being able to play texts in English and Spanish and also gives you the option of select the genre of the voice, in so you can decide if a man will talk to you. or to a woman.


Without a doubt, it is a well-known page. Loquendo is became very popular in the YouTube as many content creators have used this synthesizer to narrate their videos.

The voice of the synthesized Loquendo is quite peculiar, which is why it has been used a lot in memes or comic videos. It has a large number of languages ​​available and the ability to select the gender of the person who will speak.

The problem with this synthesizer is that since it has a robotic voice, is not recommended for professional reasons, and due to constant use of the humorous content creation tool, it has lost its seriousness over time.

Advantages of text-to-speech converters

Among the main advantages we find that we do not need to register to use it, the ability to reproduce texts in different languages, to be able to choose genre and speed.

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