How to convert ODG file to PNG or JPG online for free

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Have you come across the ODG extension? If so, we recommend that you read this guide to learn to convert an ODG file to PNG or JPG online for free.

What are ODG files?

The files in ODG format belong to the free OpenOffice office suite and come specifically from OpenDocument Graphics, so they are graphic documents or images.

In the case of operating systems such as Linux, documents in ODG format can be opened without much difficulty. These platforms provide native support for this document, and although you can open ODF documents in PowerPoint, files with the .odg extension do not have this feature in Windows.

That said, there are various electives we can use. One of them is to download an application suitable for open these files, while another option is to use conversion tools to open the document in any application.

We believe that the best option is to convert the file, which fortunately in the current times can be done very easily. For this, you can use online tools that can convert documents very easily.

How to convert ODG file to PNG or JPG online for free

Although the ODG format belongs to the open source software, the truth is that, on platforms like Windows, the format is unknown and cannot be opened easily. Therefore, in most cases you need to modify the program to open a specific file in Windows or to convert that file.

Converting the ODG file to a popular format it can be done very easily with online tools like free online image converter. Read the following guide where we will tell you about the process to convert these types of files.

Free online image converter

The free online image converter is one of the best Web sites for online file conversion. Indeed, it has multiple tools with which you can convert audio files, images, videos, among others.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most recommended tools in case you want to do a conversion without downloading any applications. Likewise, the page has compatibility with several files belonging to well-known applications, such as the ODG format.

With the free online image converter you can easily convert files with ODG extension to formats like JPG or PNG. To get started using this tool and converting your files to other formats, read the following guide:

Convert ODG files to JPG or PNG with the free online image converter

  1. The first thing to do is to go to the official website of the conversion tool, which you can access via its official page.
  2. On the page you will find various sections relating to the conversions that the system can carry out. On this occasion, we need to convert a chart, so you should go to the section “ImageConverter”.
  3. Choose the format that suits you best. In any case, we recommend that you use PNG  as it will provide a lossless image quality.
  4. After clicking on the above option, the page will direct you to the conversion section. As you will see, a section will appear where you need to upload your image in ODG format by selecting the option "Choose file".

Convert the file and download it to your computer

  • A dialog box will appear, where you can find the ODG file extension you want to convert. Locate the image, click Open and wait for the file to upload.
  • The system has several conversion options. In any case, the default options are more appropriate; Therefore, if you are a novice user, we recommend that you start the conversion without making any changes by clicking on "Start conversion".
  • Wait for the platform to successfully convert your file to ODG format. This step is usually pretty quick.
  • Once complete, the file download should begin. If not, press the button "Download" to get the image in a format that the computer can read. In case you can't open the JPG file in Windows, you need to change the application that the system uses by default.
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