How to Convert Old IDE Hard Drive to USB - Step by Step

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IDE hard drives

IDE, also known as ATA or PATA, is a connection interface for drives that first saw the light in 1986, remaining the standard in computers until 2003, when it was replaced by the new Serial ATA (SATA) technology. SSD drives (which store data on chips) are currently known, so you can install an SSD hard drive into a PC quickly and easily.

Although initially the integration of IDE technology took place mainly in IBM or Dell-branded computers, over time it became one standard per PC, to the point that in a few years it would be present in virtually all computers.

In any case, as with any technology, with constant advances such as the emergence of SATA, IDE drives have become obsolete. However, users can choose to connect and install a SATA hard drive into an IDE port when prompted.

How to Convert Old IDE Hard Drive to USB - Step by Step

There are a few methods to connect old IDE hard drives via USB. Unit The docking station for hard drives represents one of these options. It is for this reason that we recommend its use when you want to swap files with an old hard drive. On the other hand, if the drive is faulty, making a copy of the files on the damaged hard drive with the Xcopy command will be your best alternative.

Docking station per disco rigido

Undeniably the best option for connecting old or internal hard drives via a USB connection are the so-called Hard Drive Docking Stations, also known in Spanish as "Docking station for external hard drives".

Hard drive docking stations are specifically designed to connect mass storage drives via connections such as USB. This can be very handy in case you need to connect a hard drive to a laptop or when you don't want to open the case.

How do hard drive docking stations work?

In most cases, hard drive docking stations consist specifically of a drive (to which the hard drives will be connected), a power supply, and the connection (which in most cases is via USB).

For this reason the devices show great compatibility with multiple HDDs, however in many cases it is necessary to install a driver.

Although there are many types of hard drive docking stations, the operation of them is practically the same, with which it will be enough to connect our hard drive to the unit and subsequently to our computer, space where the mirrored file share drive should appear.

Compatibility when converting an old IDE hard drive to USB

It is essential to consider the type of hard drive you want to connect, as each hard drive docking station has its own compatibility options. Many of these are only compatible with SATA hard drives, while others have IDE support.

Major docking stations support both SATA and IDE drives, these being the most recommended options. It is also essential to take into account the interfaces, for example, USB 3.0 will be faster than the old versions, the same principle is satisfied with the compatibility with SATA I, 2 or 3.

What is the price of these units?

The prices of hard disk drives or docking stations will vary widely, a depending on the brand and functionality that integrate. Of course, in case you use them constantly, we recommend that you invest in higher quality products, which you can find through platforms like Amazon.

However, we could point out that hard disk docking station prices range from $ 20 a $ 75 about. That said, we recommend that you carefully read the reviews and experiences of other users in relation to the units that grab your attention.

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