How to Convert PNG Images to JPG Without Losing Quality - Without Free Programs

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You can change the extension of an image when you download it by changing the extension from.png to.jpg. While it is an extremely easy process to apply, there are many programs that will continue to stop you from using them.

This is mainly because we are only changing the extension of the image, but the image format will remain PNG. So, if you want to know how to change the format of an image without the need for third-party applications, we will explain how to do it step by step.

How to convert PNG images to JPG without losing quality without programs

You can convert a PNG image to JPG without losing image quality and without the need to use programs or tools on your computer such as Photoshop, Paint, PNG2jPG or Xnconvert to name a few.

For this we will carry out the conversion process with the web pages. That is, online. It is a highly feasible process and will only take a few minutes. Let's see how it is step by step.

Enter from the browser on your computer or mobile device, the procedure will be the same in both cases. Type in Google explorer " converti PNG in JPG online”. You will get different results.

You can choose any one. All of these pages work similarly and above all very instinctively, so they are easy to use, even for amateur users.

We recommend that you browse in safe sites to avoid downloading spam files. Among these we can mention:

  • Free online converter
  • i love img
  • Converted.

How to convert PNG image to JPG online for free

In the case of Onlineconverterfree, when you enter the main page, see the Pictures section. There are several options for performing image format conversions. In this case we will choose to convert to JPG.

It will take you to a new screen. To start the conversion process you need to click on Choose file highlighted in a blue box. Select the file and click Open or you can drag and drop the file to the website.

You can add more than one file to convert all at once. When you're done selecting the files, click Convert. Please wait a few seconds for your request to be processed. Finally click Download to download the JPG file to your device.

In the case of I love img the process is simpler. From the main page click Convert to JPG. On the new screen, click Select Image now to choose any of your devices or you can drag and drop them there.

Then click the box in the lower right corner of the Convert to JPG screen. Finally click on Download converted image and choose a destination for the file, to save it on your device click on Save. I love img is a tool not only useful for converting a PNG image to JPG, but it also has other options like:

  • Compress images to weigh less
  • Resize images, convert to and from JPG and crop images
  • You can also add watermark to your images, create online memes and edit photos easily

Finally, if you intend to use Convertio From the main page, click on one of the options to convert a PNG file. It will offer you to search for the file from File Explorer, Drive, a link or URL, or Dropbox if you've signed up for this service.

The choice to search for the PNG file will depend solely on where you have saved or located it. You also have the option of dragging it directly to the web.

You can add as many PNG files as you like. When you have entered them all, click convert, wait a few seconds until the process is finished and finally click Download to have the JPG file on your device and you will have the converted JPG image in no time.

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