How to convert VHDX virtual hard drive to ISO easily

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Often, we need to get an image of everything on a hard drive in one file. In the case of VHDX virtual hard drives, you can easily create an ISO image using a few tools. We recommend that you read this article with which you will learn how to convert VHDX virtual hard drive to ISO easily.

What is a VHDX Virtual Hard Drive?

The VHDX virtual disk is the second version of virtual disks created by the Connectix company. Initially, VHD was known as a file format that represents a virtual drive of a hard drive. In fact, it is still possible to create a VHD virtual hard drive in Windows. Hence, the successor (VHDX) or v2 virtual hard drive has emerged which has a capacity limit of 64Tb.

In 2003, the Microsoft company bought Connectix and made the VHD format available to users. Subsequently, Windows Server 2012 added VHDX su Hyper-V (a hypervisor for virtualization technology).

What is a VHDX virtual hard drive for?

Actions such as adding a hard drive to a virtual machine in Windows to increase storage capacity, providing optimizations to avoid performance degradation on large physical disks, and protecting the computer from data corruption are possible through use of a disc. or "VHDX".

A virtual hard disk v2 can contain partitions of a hard disk, a file system, or any information that a hard disk (HDD) has. It's important point out that A disc drive virtual VHDX protects your computer from power outages nel server Hyper-V.

How to convert VHDX virtual hard drive to ISO easily

To easily convert a VHDX virtual hard drive to ISO, you will need a VHDX virtual hard drive, an ISO image of your operating system a 32 o 64 bit , the as appropriate, the GImageX and UltraISO application.

Download the "GImageX" software

GImageX is a free tool for create images with extension .wim from a file. This software has a practical interface for executing command lines in order to capture the image of an entire hard drive. Download GImageX from the autoitconsulting site.

Once the installation package is downloaded, run the.exe file and wait for the software to be installed on your computer.

Download the UltraISO tool

UltraISO is an application that allows creation, modification and ISO file conversion for burning optical CD / DVD discs. You can access this software via the Ultraiso website. Once the program is downloaded, run the installation file and wait for this process to complete.

Log in to the disk manager

From your Windows 10 operating system, press the «Win + X» keys and click on "Disk Management". Then, find the «Action» menu and select «Expose VHD». You will see a new window with a text box and the label "Position". Press the «Browse» button and locate your VHDX virtual hard drive.

Use the GImageX app

Log into GImageX, the tool you installed earlier. An interface will appear where you need to select a set of items. In the option "Source", choose the drive where the VHDX file is located. To specify the destination, select a location of your choice and in the name field type "install.wim".

In "SKU Flag" choose the option "Ultimate". For «Descriptive information» write «Captured by GImagex» (optional) or any information you consider. Press the "Create" button and wait for the conversion to complete.

Usa UltraISO

Once the GImageX conversion process is finished, access the UltraISO program and open the ISO image of the operating system. In this image you will find a series of files inside a folder called «Source». There, find the "install.wim" file and replace it with the new "install.wim" file you created with GImageX.

Finally, save the new ISO file from UltraISO (containing the edited.wim file) and mount the image on a drive according to your needs and preferences. This way, you will already have an ISO image of your VHDX virtual hard drive. Also, you can choose to increase the size of your hard drive with Virtual Box.

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