How to copy and recover files from a DVD with read errors

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Without a doubt, burning a CD with multiple files (images, documents, videos or music) is very simple and used to be a very common method to install programs. However, although the use of Pendrive or USB is more common today, for some things a CD is even more recommended. Thanks to the optical files they have, they allow you to run programs together with the equipment.

In fact, there is a wide variety of programs for burning CDs and DVDs in Windows that make it easy to save information on them. But if they are scratched or damaged, their proper functioning can be seriously damaged, but There is a solution for this problem.

How to recover files from a DVD with read errors

If the disk is completely unusable due to reading errors but its content is very important, you can recover the files. DVD or CD read errors are usually due to the disc being mistreated on the side being read by the computer.

So, this means that you can fix them simply by doing a disk cleanup (which we'll talk about later). And by making use of a disk data recovery program, you can find many of them by browsing the internet, they are easy to use and very effective.

Tips for recovering files from a DVD with read errors

To recover the files that are on the disk with read errors, you can choose to clean them, insert them into your computer and run the recovery program. Run the program while the disk is inside your computer or computer and, once inside, select the disk to recover its files.

It is one of the most visible options, so there will be no major problems doing it. Generally, the program itself will create a folder in a specific location where it will save all data which recovers.

However, it might also give you the option to choose the location where the recovered data will be saved. It is highly recommended that you choose the location yourself and that this be a unique folder with a identifiable title. If not, at least make sure you know where the program saves files by default.

This way you will know where to look for what is recovered from your DVD with read errors thanks to the program used. And on the other hand, it's possible that if you've applied a good cleanup to your CD, you can now enjoy the content that's inside it.

However, we must be vigilant as there are times when the problem is that the DVD / CD drive does not read any discs because it has a defect that we need to repair. That is, in that case the problem would not be the disk as such.

How to copy files from a DVD with read errors

To copy files from a DVD that has read errors, you need to have performed all the steps we mentioned earlier to recover the files.

Once all the data on your DVD has been recovered or extracted, it will be available to you and you can copy it freely on any other device.

How to clean a DVD

Since most read errors are due to the state of the disk, cleaning them can solve many problems. To carry out a superficial cleaning, a delicate and fine cloth handkerchief will be sufficient, which will no longer be able to scratch our DVD. And also water to wet it and pass it gently on the surface to be read.

On the other hand, if we want to review a little more to be safe, we can do the same by using generic alcohol instead of water. There is alcohol specifically designed to be used with electronic components, if we can buy one of these, let's do it.

On the other hand there is the so-called liquid cleaner or simply CD Cleaner, which is particularly useful for clean and correct scratches on CDs. With this, the chance that your CD is completely clean is higher and you could very well use it again as normal. Especially if it is necessary to record several times on the same CD, since it is a rewritable disc.

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