How to copy the content to your PC and paste it to your Android phone with Chrome

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Google continues to improve the cross-platform collaboration via Chrome. Just a few weeks ago we saw how the new option that allowed us to send calls from the computer to the mobile phone thanks to the browser worked, and now Chrome has introduced a useful new synced clipboard feature, which will allow us to copy content to the PC to use it on our Android phone.

The feature was discovered by the people at MSPowerUser and, as we have seen, is available from version 79 of Google Chrome for Android. Furthermore, using it is really simple and it is an option that can be very useful and convenient.

The synchronized notes arrive in Chrome: copy the contents to your PC and paste them on your mobile

As usual with this type of functions, Notes synced between devices are not yet available as a visible option in the browser. However, anyone who has installed Chrome version 79 for Android can now use this feature.

To do this, you will have to resort to the experimental options menu or to the flags of Chrome and in the desktop version of the browser, activate the three flags that we show in the image:

You can also access each of the experimental options by entering the following addresses in your browser's URL bar:


Once activated, the next step will be restart the browser. This way, if you now open any page in Chrome and select a text excerpt, when you right click on the page, an option like the one shown in the image below will appear, allowing you to copy selected text to android devices on which you have installed the Chrome browser, with the same Google account that you associated with the desktop version.

If you copy the content, the text will be stored in the clipboard of your mobile and you can paste it wherever you want. At the moment, the synced clipboard appears to be only available with the text and it is not possible copy pictures or other types of multimedia content. However, as Google has not yet officially announced the arrival of this feature, we can expect changes in the coming weeks until it is rolled out to all users of the browser.

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