How to copy the file list of a folder from the context menu

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When we talk about operating systems, we must always mention Windows, which never ceases to amaze us with its different functions and features practices. One of them is the context menu, which allows us to access different options via one click. But it will be possible that the list of files in a folder can be copied from the context menu, in the next article we will explain what you should do.

It sounds amazing, but this is a very easy task to do and we will create it ourselves, so we will include this option in the context menu. This way we can have a file list that are contained in a particular folder. Without complications, without tedious procedures and without hindering our lives.

If we took the time each day to take a few minutes to learn the functions of Windows, it is possible that we would learn how to use this tool in a better way. And many others that help us protect our PC, such as if you want to easily see files hidden from viruses in Windows 10.

How to copy the file list of a folder from the context menu

Let's not delay and start with the explanation, in principle we will make important changes to the Registry of Windows. So we will suggest that before anything else, you should make a backup. So let's go to the Windows Run window and write the following regedit command.

Once this is done, we will follow the following path HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Directory Shell this from the shell login. The next step we will take is to create a new key, this will be called copylist. Now in the Edit String box, we will change the name of the value to what we want it to appear in the context menu.

Creating a new option in the context menu

We can use, for example, the same one that has the title of our article Copy file list. Once this is done, we will position ourselves on the copylist entry and create a new command key. The next step is to click on the string value so that we assign it a new value and this will be cmd / c dir “% 1” / b / a: -d / o: n | clip.

Now the next step will be to exit the open windows and verify that the changes we have made are applied. What should we do then, because you have to go to any folder and you will right click on it. This is so that the context menu appears and now you can see in it, the new option created Copy file list.

Now click this option to perform the required action, then go to Word or Notepad to paste what was copied. And in fact you will see that the content or the list of files has been pasted, this way you have verified that the changes made have been done without any problem.

This shows how easy it can be to make changes to the Windows registry to accomplish a certain task. Of course, you should be clear that you should always do backup copies, in case something goes wrong. So you can reverse the possible damage you cause to the system.

That way we came to the end of this article which showed you how quick and easy it can be to create options in the context menu. We hope that you will practice the instructions we teach you here so that you can how to copy the file list from a folder from the context menu.

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