How to create a 360-degree image to post on Facebook

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More and more people are using their platform as a way to catapult their business and run various marketing campaigns that help them attract more customers.

To create a good marketing campaign you need to use different forms of advertising, which help us reach more people. One of the contents that receives the most receptivity on Facebook are videos or images a 360% .

This type of content can be seen not only in images or videos, but also as GIFs or even with live contests, where viewers can see everything happening around you interactively.

This form of interactive disclosure has been present on the social network for more than a year and helps the images uploaded to have greater interactivity among the users who see them.

What do you need to know

Before starting the process for create your 360-degree image, here we will leave you a list of different materials and tools you will need:

  • A camera to take your panoramic photo.
  • Image editing tool, it can be Photoshop , Gimp o Paint.
  • Data converter EXIF, in our case we will use

How to create 360º images step by step

Find the ideal image

Believe it or not, this may be the most difficult, but not impossible, step of the entire process, as you will need to invest your time to find the perfect panoramic image for your publication.

An extremely important factor to take into consideration is that the image must be in a horizontal position and respect the ratio in turn 2:1. The latter is very important and practically mandatory so that our photo can work as we want.

Likewise, you have to take the following measures into consideration 2.000 x 1.000 px (width x height).

Important point for cropping and editing the photo

It is important that the photo you choose has a realistic effect with which your users can interact with the image. It is important that the images connect with each other and can be linked, thus giving a pleasing continuity to the eyes.

You can slightly retouch the image so that both sides meet and look good. Since this is an image that can flow, you can include your brand logo or phrase to give it more notoriety. Remember that when you save the image, you must use the JPG format.

From here you need to start editing the Interchangeable Image File Format information

EXIF is the way file formats are specified, used by most digital cameras. This data is used by Facebook to recognize the origin of the image and therefore to be able to configure this publication correctly.

While editing information EXIF, you should pay attention to the fields " Make " And " Model »Where we will write" Ricoh» e «Ricoh THETA S " consecutively. Once we have included the data we have mentioned, we will leave the rest of the data as it is and we will proceed to save the changes with the «GO.eXifing» button.

Start uploading your image to Facebook

Almost everything is ready to upload your image to Facebook, this is a fairly normal process, as doing it is similar to how you would do any of your other images for this social network.

However, we must be careful of an important one, such as checking that said upload was successful and that the Facebook functions for displaying the image to 360% work the same way.

With this, everything is soon to upload your photo and charm all your users.

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