How to create a 3D animated image or logo with After Effects

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Previously, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the program, this will take you a few minutes to create the effect you are looking for in your image. Once you have that knowledge, follow the next steps and you will get the best results.

Basic steps to prepare your composition or project

In nine simple steps, your composition or project can be ready to add the most popular and eye-catching effects. Follow them carefully:

  1. Enter the program and create a new composition.
  2. Fill in the parameters that appear in the configuration window of your new composition.
  3. Upload or import the logo or image you want into the project panel add animation and 3D effect.
  4. Select your project in the layers panel and, in this condition, go to the program menu, select the «Composition» tab and click on «Precompose».
  5. Enter the name you want the layer you are working on to have.
  6. In the layers panel, locate the project you just named and check the box under the 3D icon.
  7. Keep the layer selected and press the letter "P" on the keyboard to reveal its position.
  8. Press the «Alt» key and select the clock below the layer you are working on. A new dialog will open in the animation panel. Write the following expression: [position [0], position [1], index], or whatever step number 8 proposes to you. This will ensure that the logo always maintains a position and thus achieves the 3D effect.
  9. Close the level.

Have fun adding effects to your compositions with After Effects

At this point the fun begins. Your image is ready to add life and movement to your image or any effects you want. For now, we will only explain the steps you need to follow to get the normal 3D effect, although it would also be interesting if you used the 3D object tracking effect with Mocha and After Effects.

  1. In the search engine "Default", type the word "exposure".
  2. Drag the result onto the logo or image you have in the composition panel.
  3. In the projects panel, a kind of menu will open where you can enter custom settings for the effect purchased in the previous step.
  4. Go to the layers panel, select the logo or image and with the key combination CTRL + D duplicate the layer 19 times.
  5. Go to the menu and tab » Layer», select the "New" option. In that section choose the "Camera" option. Enter the settings you want.
  6. In the icons under the menu select the camera and hold the orbit.
  7. Slide it over the logo or image in question and find out the movements it will have.
  8. If you want to give more depth to the logo, go to layer number twenty in the panel, and press CTRL + D again to continue duplicating the layer and the logo acquires the depth you like best.
  9. Use the preview option that the program has and admire your image animated with 3D effect.

With After Effects creating a composition of fantastic animations, you can spend hours and hours discovering all the wonderful options you have at your disposal to give effects to your images, texts or logos. Enjoy this amazing program and evolve together with all your creations.

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