How to create a 3D hologram with your smartphone

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Holograms are those figures that we sometimes observe in a futuristic film where people are reflected by means of an image suspended in the air, something that surprises and seems very far from obtaining, but in correct terms, it would be a reproduction of a graph in three-dimensional format.

Today there is the technology to be able to have them observed by one smartphone in a very simple way, with a video and the materials that we can get we will put together a professional reproduction system of homemade holograms.

How to create a hologram with Android?


  • Rule
  • cutter
  • Scissors
  • Highlighter
  • Squared notebook
  • Compact CD
  • Silicone gun
  1. First we need to assemble the system to reproduce these holograms, we will use easily obtainable materials and a little creativity.
  2. To start we have to use the squared notebook and with the ruler we will make a drawing, in this case it will be a trapezoid using the marker.
  3. If you need exact measurements to do this, you can use this: (1x6x3’5 cm). We finish the drawing by following these measurements with the marker and ruler so that it is perfect.
  4. With the scissors we have to cut the trapezoid that we draw in the notebook and then we will place it on top of the old CD, this we will use to copy the drawing of the trapezoid on the CD.
  5. We will transfer the design to the CD at least 4 times and we will cut these pieces with the cutter very carefully because the CD material is hard and difficult to work with.
  6. The cuts must be perfect, because if they are not we will see that our design will have an ugly appearance and will not fulfill its function.
  7. With a thick file we can wear the ends of our trapezes as otherwise they will be sharp ends.
  8. They should do an alcohol wipe and a cotton swab if they prefer to get rid of the marker lines that were left behind when copying the designs to the CD.
  9. With the silicone gun we will glue the ends of each trapezoid to another equal piece and thus we will form a very attractive and transparent pyramid, especially so that the hologram is reflected through it.
  10. We will let it dry to prevent it from breaking or coming off during use and ruining the figure we make.
  11. When time has passed and our pyramid is solid to use, yes will proceed to test it.
  12. In our cellphone we look for a video within YouTube that allows us to view the contents in holographic format, in this way when we get it we will position it above the screen horizontally to display it on the pyramid.

As you will see the result is incredible, with few materials we can create a figure that allows us to reflect holograms inside and they are materials that we can easily make without spending too much to get a spectacular result to surprise everyone, with a mobile phone and a transparent pyramid they live. the holographic feeling.

THE effect  holographic can be observed through the reflection that allows us to coat old CDs and it is important that it is firm and dry to avoid damage and that the holographic figure looks perfectly on your smartphone. You can also enable force or 3D Touch on your android phone which allows you to create a 3D hologram

This step by step guide to learn to create a 3D hologram with your smartphone it is a great success because we can surprise friends and relatives by living a unique experience. You can see more guides on how to add 3D effects to photos in Windows 10 and much more at

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