How to create a certificate or diploma in Word step by step

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Normally in Word we can find several ready-made examples and templates just to edit, if you notice you like one you can do it and if not, let's start from scratch. We also remind you that you can download the templates for Word for free, which won't take you even 5 minutes.

If you are going to print it later, you have to do it on a special card, otherwise you can only send it by post and have it taken up by each person. In fact, you can print this Word document in black and white or in color, which is the most recommended option so that the certificate looks much more striking.

Steps to create your certificate or diploma in Word:

First of all, to start creating a certificate or diploma in Word, you need to open your Word. It doesn't matter what year it is, as in any version you have all the necessary tools. Once done, you have to select a completely blank sheet and go to the format part and we will configure the page, for this we get the option with a mini arrow.

Our Customers they snap there and we will modify all the margins equally (2 and 2) and we will put the sheet horizontally, since that would be the correct way to a diploma. And so we would have ready the sheet where we will do our work.

Having all this, the first thing we're going to do is insert a background image and double-click on it. We need to change the position so that in the »Fit to text» part you will place »Behind text» and you can fit it to the background.

Generally you should leave a border but adjusting it with the mouse will not be possible for it to be the same size, so we will go to the initial part. In the paragraph category you can see a small split box to click on and it will scroll down a lower list.

Select the last option of ' 'Borders and shades » and at the bottom select the edges, you will notice several options where it says »Art» select a model »Generally the size of the latter should be increased to its limit.

When this is ready, you must add logos corresponding institution and organize them. Most recommended is that they are PNG so that your certificate looks good. After »enter text» but without background and frame (must be transparent)

And what are you wearing now?

Write Diploma or certificate (depending on the case) and positioned in the center, adjust the size, change the font to the one you like (normally in these cases we use »Times New Roman») Now you have to start breaking down the text starting with the person's name or of the body that certifies it and to which it is addressed for having completed the corresponding time.

The name of the person who will receive it is in an elegant font such as »Edwardian Script ITC» and continues the other letters with the previous font. At the end of everything it is written the reason why this diploma was awarded, an example could be "Certificate of bioanalysis"

And finally the date of issue and the country. Just below the name of the certifier, the director and in some cases the student. You will make a line under each name and try to make them all at the same level. It's ready! so you would have your diploma or certificate ready.

How can it be faster to generate my certificate?

If you do it to your liking consider that it takes a long time, since you have the possibility to do it with the thousands of models that Word offers, you can choose one and then change a few small details.

Another way is a certificate generator, but that way they will never go the way you want if you don't have to settle for the result. I advise you to be patient and do it yourself.


Make sure that the backgrounds you use are in light tones and whether it is a landscape or a figure that has opacity so that the letters can be seen. This procedure should not be done for all the other certificates, but based on that one it changes for the others and it will be much faster.

Finally, if Microsoft Word seemed very complicated to you, we encourage you to try creating certificates using Microsoft Publisher, which is a great alternative.

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