How to create a digital or virtual invitation for WhatsApp on Android with Canva

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Digital invitation cards

But not everything should be on a professional, corporate and entrepreneurial level. You've never wanted to organize an event or activity and you want the call or invitation to be something more than just text?

- invitations physical they are used very little nowadays, not only for the material, the cost and the time you have to invest to send all the invitations, but also because, in fact, WhatsApp is a perfect means of immediacy for the dissemination of the same.

How to design digital invitation cards

In computers, usually there are program packages (Office, for example) who have the tools needed to design this type of card. The most sought after Microsoft Office for creating invitation cards is Microsoft Publisher.

But if you don't have a computer, it doesn't mean your plans fall apart. Luckily, if you have a smartphone, the android store has a large number of applications that help design this type of thing.

Canva per Android

In this sense, one of the best applications to carry out this task would undoubtedly be Canva. This software and website with graphic design tools, founded in 2012, puts at your disposal little more than 60 million images it's about 5 million vectors, graphics and fonts.

Canva is an image composition tool. Through it, both in its web version and through its mobile application, you can design posters, logos, brochures, all kinds of images and animations for various social networks.

Invitations for events or birthdays

Since you know what Canva is and what you can design with this amazing tool, if you want to design an invitation, here you can find some guidelines that will help you to create the perfect design.

How to log in to Canva?

This tool offers its services in two versions: Free and Premium. You just have to enter the Canva site, register, log in with one of the allowed accounts (such as Google or Facebook).

A variety of images

Canva puts more than 60 million images at your disposal. Many of these, available for the free version and many more for the Premium version. However, variety and style are guaranteed so that you can find the design you like best.

Preparation of the invitations

Once you have entered the Canva platform, you will be able to view a series in its interface of design options, just choose the one that best suits your needs. In this case, you can get the option " Call ”Within the main options.

  1. Canva will display a menu of options so you can choose the ideal style for your project. Birthdays, parties, baby showers, baptisms, weddings, bachelorette parties, movie nights, etc.
  2. The different models available will be displayed progressively. At the bottom right of each, it will indicate which ones are free and which are part of Canva Premium.
  3. Select the design you like best and start editing.

Editing drawings

these invitation design they usually already include some text. When you select the "Edit" option, you can click on the different text boxes to delete and write your invitation.

  • You can also choose the font of the text.
  • Change the color.
  • Adjust it to the left, right or center.
  • Change the size.
  • Rotate the text box.
  • Select the styles (bold, italic).

Save your digital invitation

List your invitation, you need to click the check mark at the top left of the screen, then hit the save icon.

In this way, your invitation is ready to be broadcast on your favorite communication channel and you will surely receive a lot of comments on how much it is creative and dynamic the its design. Also, you can accompany it with a link or a referral link to your WhatsApp.

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