How to create a Facebook cover or banner using Photoshop CC

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Also, if what you are looking for is a cover or banner for your Facebook ad page, you will surely want to add some specific information about it, such as contact information or some advertisement.

There are hundreds of photo editing programs to do this, but one of the most recognized has always been Photoshop. Create a Facebook cover or banner with Photoshop CC it's child's play, so much so that we will explain it clearly and precisely below.

How to create a Facebook cover or banner using Photoshop CC

Obviously, the first thing we do is open up Photoshop CC (the latest version created by Adobe CreativeCloud). Next, let's create a new document with the required measurements: 851 x 315 px. Many prefer to work with guidelines, but in this particular case they are not necessary. If you want to delete them, press Ctrl + H.

Remember that in this article we will show you how to properly manage Photoshop CC and optimize your work with this program. We will also specifically guide you in creating a Facebook banner, but the details, the style and the position of the elements in the banner are up to everyone's tastes and needs.

While we recommend some ways of designing, they are not hard and fast rules that must be followed to the letter, ideally you should use these tools to further develop your creativity.

Choose your cover photo

The first thing would be to select a photo from our gallery, and it doesn't need to take up the whole banner, so we can place it in the center or on the sides. However, a banner it can also be designed with plain text or a photo for reference. In that extra space you can put some extra information about our work or any other text.

Enter your text

For this we will use the most relevant information, choosing the font or font that you can install for free in Photoshop CC, the font size and the color that best suits us. In the same way we can play with other details such as the overlay of colors, focus or blur the image and the drop shadow. You can also create or create a 3D effect on text with Photoshop CC.

Depending on the amount of text we are going to place, the space could be organized by joining the text or part of the text with some shape (it can be a line, a box, a rectangle, as you like), so that it is not in the air , and there is a balance. Remember to do not add too much text, otherwise the banner will be overloaded. But don't forget to add a copyright watermark to identify that image with your fanpage.

Extra tips for better design

While creating the banner you may run into some aesthetic problems that you want to improve. There are also details in the design that can improve the quality of your banner that you may not know how to do, so the following tips are very helpful.

Take advantage of entire color spaces

If you have chosen a photo with a solid side, this can be used to put it as background in free space. To do this we select a part of this color, copy and paste and then press Ctrl + T for the free transformation. This way we can stretch the color to cover the remaining space of the banner.

Improve some color differences

We can enhance the difference in tones that are presented by using the eraser found in the left sidebar. And we adjust its characteristics, such as the size, hardness and opacity of the edges. Also, you can create a separate layer to set the hue, saturation and brightness of the image.

Photoshop is a photo editing program designed primarily for purposes like this, it is widely used around the world for its easy handling and great results. As we have seen, making a banner with Photoshop CC is simpler than it looks, following these steps not you can fail.

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