How to create a Facebook page for your business, company or brand

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Having a Facebook page can be a big plus for position a brand or company above the competition. In addition, the page offers customers the opportunity to be informed with the latest news related to their business and create offers for them.

How to create a Facebook page

The most important thing to know is that every Facebook page is linked to a Facebook account. If you want to create a Facebook page, you must first have an official account on the social network.

To create the Facebook account, you must be in the Home section. If not, click the Start button. The home section has several divisions, look in the left sidebar for the Pages category e fai click.

You will be redirected to the page category, where the pages you like, the page recommendations and your pages are displayed. To create a new page you have to click on the option at the top right Create page.

Choose the type of page that suits your needs

There are two options available to create a Facebook page , Business or brand and Community or public figure. You have to choose the option that suits your needs. The option that best fits the profile of a company or company is Business or brand.

After clicking on the Start button, you must enter the page name and category. Not all names are available and it is because in many cases there are already many pages with the same name.

Enter the address of the business, you can choose whether to display only a part of the address or all the details. Finally, the phone number is entered and the page verified, although it is not mandatory.

Build the page profile on Facebook

In theory the page is already created, but now it remains the task of giving a personal touch to the page. When you first open the page, the Facebook wizard will ask for the photo of profile and cover photo.

The profile or cover photo can be uploaded from your computer or choose from those you have previously uploaded to the page. The Facebook page already looks good just by adding the photos that identify your brand.

Add company or brand information

The essential thing that the page should have is the business data, so that the users can contact you. To add company information, click the three-dot button «…» and select the Edit information option.

The window opens Information section in which you must enter Description, Categories, Telephone, Website and e-mail. Even if you want to be specific, you can add the exact location on a map.

Add all the necessary information, such as branches, opening hours and the type of currency they use.

Invite your friends to your Facebook page

With the page created, it would only remain to spread so that they know. Invite your friends to like your new page. With one click you are already inviting them and everything you post will see it in the Facebook news section.

Be patient, pages may take time to grow. Constantly post on the page to gain followers and grow. If you don't have time, you can also schedule posts at specific times.

You can have more than one administrator

If managing your business takes a long time and you don't have time to constantly update the page, you can add more than one admin. Delegate functions to other users page to make any necessary changes.

If your business DON'T è does not exist on the web. Facebook among its many functions, allows your business to be known in every corner of the world.

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