How to create a field to attach a file on the Woocommerce checkout page

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Although it is true that you can use the social networks of the moment and all the strategies SEO that come to your mind to attract and increase visitors to your website; If you want to keep a steady visitor base, you need to think about other strategies. Emphasis can be placed on the aesthetic experience of the of website.

Using a good theme always helps and being able to support it in a variety of plugins is very clever.

Although, at times, this is not enough to be able to maintain a regular flow of visitors. Instead you have to think outside the box. A perfect example of this is the attention to detail that can be put into an online store. The fact that there is so much to cover in the aspects of a shop online shows the care that must be given to such a page.

Not only do you have to make sure that all products exist, that orders are executed correctly and that the aesthetics are correct, but you also have to take care of the customer's order.

A perfect example of this is the use of Woocommerce on websites WordPress. It is an advantage to be able to have Woocommerce on our page, as it helps us in an exceptional way to properly manage our online store, such as being able to do electronic invoices. But what happens when we need a customer reference for an order? Whatever your store, you may want to get a reference from the also information.

For this, we will need the customer to be able to send us a file in the payment page. See below how you can put this option.

The advantages of WoocommerceCheckout Manager

To be able to put a field to attach a file to your payment page via WooCommerce, it's better trust to a very specific plugin: WoocommerceCheckout Manager.

This Plugin will allow you to add all kinds of additional fields to your shop's checkout page, as well as being able to manage others in a better way. It really is a blessing when you want to better customize your checkout page in your store.

Using WoocommerceCheckout Manager

To use WoocommerceCheckout Manager, you need to start by downloading the plugin via the Plugin menu of your WordPress page. Just find it, install it and activate it. Once this is done, update your WordPress page so that the WoocommerceCheckout Manager option can appear in the menu on the left. Enter this.

Here you can find many different options. These, you can explore them to find all kinds of customizations on your checkout page. For now, you have to to enable the fact that you have a field for uploading files, you can do this by clicking on the option Allow file upload on client. Then you need to save your changes.

After the latter, you need to enter the Billing tab. Here you can find all the fields that appear on your page payment.

You can do different things with the fields that appear on your checkout page, but for now scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find a button that says Add new field. Click to add the desired field.

Once you have set up the new field, you have to give it the name you want it to have and you have to click on "Choose the type" and choose "File selector". Now you just have to save the changes you made in the blue button at the top and you will be able to have the field to upload files available in your page of payment.

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