How to Create a Landing Page on a Blogger Page - Step by Step

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So it is not necessary talk about a specific topic for writing blogs, you can do it as you like. And in this article, you will learn about one of the services that can help you if you are starting out in the world of blogging.

Blogger is a service provided by Google, very easy and simple to use. Its versatility and simplicity make many people prefer it. It is also a completely free service which obviously makes it more attractive.

You also have the ability to monetize your work and thus receive money for the things you write and the visits and readings that the articles receive. In this article, you will learn what a Landing Page and how to create it on Blogger.

What is a landing page and how to make it effective?

A page of destinazione o landing page is a web page that a person reaches after pressing a button or link on another page, social network, etc.

It is used to promote or highlight a product, novelty or promotion. So it's a good advertising tool and with which it's easier to reach more users and potential customers if that's your job.

To make effective the your Landing Page, must respect some aspects. For example, you should have catchy headlines, which will grab the user's attention. That's why you need to take into account typography, spacing, text, and alignment of the same.

Buttons or cautions are also very important. These should be simple and concise, as well as attractive so that people are motivated to push them.

Another important point is the forms according to the offer. This is very important for capturing and keeping the user's attention. If the form you develop doesn't grab the user's attention or isn't related to the product you promote, you won't get results.

Another thing you can do is highlight the benefits of the product in capital letters as this will grab the user's attention and is what adds value to what you promote.

You should also customize the page or the module so easy and educational for the user. Another option is to edit or customize a URL for a Blogger post.

How to create a landing page in Blogger?

The process for doing this is simple. You just have to follow the steps below which we will explain and you will create your landing page in minutes.

Step 1

Go to your Blogger page and in the » Course portfolio »Select the" New blog "option. Choose the title and address or URL of your blog where you will create your Landing Page. You have to be a little creative with the URL as some are already in use. Then choose the "Simple" theme or template and press "Create blog".

Step 2

Choose the option » View blog »And your new page will appear. Click the "New Post" button to start customizing and adding content to your landing page.

3 pass

Name your new entry and add images and information that you find valuable or important to your landing page. Add the necessary links to allow the user to access the link promoting your product.

4 pass

When ready, press " Public ". Go to "View Blog" and see what your landing page looks like. If you want to add colors or letters, you can go to «Design» and «Model».

And voila, your landing page will be Blogger ready. If you want to upload a video to a Blogger website, read this article and you will learn.

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