How to create a poster image by adding text and shapes using Corel Photo Paint

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You just have to be creative enough to do a good job. And, among these jobs that can be done is the image of the poster. They are a good way to create all kinds of images from an image that we can use as a template or background.

It is for the latter that below we will show you how to create a poster image using Corel PhotoPaint. This program is very complete and easy to use. All his instruments they are extremely intuitive and with enough creativity you can make all kinds of images.

Therefore, see here how you can use this program and all it has to offer on its official website, add something to your repertoire of knowledge in Corel PhotoPaint and unleash your creativity.

What is a poster image?

Just like we told you before that in image editing programs you can do a little bit of everything. You can also make posters.

Whether you want to create an advertising poster for a company, an image that you can put on one of the social networks you use the most in terms of community manager or simply a poster to promote private lessons, poster images can be very useful.

Basically, it is an image on which to create a poster through the different tools of a program editing like Corel PhotoPaint o Photoshop.

You should take this image and edit different backgrounds, texts and lines to form a nice poster for whatever you need. Whether you want to make an elaborate one or a simple one with a particular message, it all depends on yours ability, patience and creativity.

Create a poster image in Corel PhotoPaint

To make an image poster completely original, you can do a little bit of everything. The idea is that you can take the image you are using on the background to be able to do something around it. There are many ways to do this, and really the sky is the limit. But we can share one of those many ways so you can get inspired by this one.

The way we want to talk to you to create a poster image is based on the rectangle shape tool and create masks and then cut them out of place. All you have to do is open a new file Corel PhotoPaint and open the image you want to edit.

Above it you can take the tool rectangle and create one with a color that contrasts with the background of the image on it. You can use all kinds of edges and corners, but there is also the option to form another rectangle with other kinds of corners and put it on top. However, the latter must have an advantage.

The latter, we do it so as to apply it on another layer and with the mask tool you can make a cut and then delete and erase the layer in which you did it, in such a way as to leave the shape of this new rectangle on the old one , forming a beautiful design.

You just have to repeat the same with the text and other shapes you can take from brushes to get a rather neat final result. Finally, you just have to give all of these shapes a matte touch to show the background image and it will be more than ready.

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