How to Create a Printable Book Format Publication in Microsoft Publisher

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Therefore, when this process began to be commercialized, it was no longer such a small percentage of people who could read the texts. Due to the enormous time savings in making a book or text, it could be provided to everyone much more easily.

The press is currently in operation thanks to different computer programs that allow you to perform this process in a very simple way, so much so that anyone can do a print. Programs like Microsoft Publisher are special for this task, thanks to their ease of use.

What is Microsoft Publisher?

Publisher is a Microsoft application whose purpose is the desktop publishing all’interno del programma with which you can add capital letters to paragraphs of text, create and use text boxes, add shapes, create a logo, etc. That is, making a comparison with Microsoft Word, which is basically another text generator. We can see that Publisher focuses more on document design, unlike Word which goes more on proofreading.

In short, with Publisher we can design and customize text, publications or marketing material that we are going to create. Which is much simpler than Word, since the program comes integrated with a variety of time-saving templates.

What is the format of the book?

Since it is understood that Publisher has different types of models to facilitate the process of text design, we should only use what seems most convenient to us. Among which we can see the book format, with which we can make the text simulate a book.

That is, when we apply it automatically, the program will show it to us in such a way that it looks like a book, where we observe that the writing is not perpendicular to the sheet, but that it will remain in horizontal orientation with its writing in a vertical sense.

What is the book format for?

The book format has many uses, mainly studies indicate that does not tire the eyes a due to the effect of the reading on the train. That is, a read where you have to read an extremely long line, which usually causes readers to lose their bearings when they go down to the next and run out.

Therefore, with this format the reading of broad and profound texts it's much simpler. Also, when we group and staple a document that is in this format, it becomes much easier to transport, unlike full sheet guides, some are easily lost.

How to create a print publication in book format in Microsoft Publisher?

First of all, we must understand that depending on the size of the sheet we are going to print on, the size of the book will be affected. Example, if we use A3 sheet, we will print in an A4 format (which is half of the A3). To do this we must enter (Publisher> multiple page sizes> create new).

Clicking on "Create new page size" a new window will open, where we will write half of the sheet in use in the margins field (we can search the internet for the exact dimensions and look for half). For example, if we use A4 sheets (210 x 297 mm) we have to put those of A5 (148 x 210 mm).

It is important to select the "Brochure design", since with it we will give the impression of a book. We adjust the margins to our preferences and we accept. After that, the publisher will issue a new comment to automatically insert the pages, it is accepted and ready. It will only be necessary to make content.

Once all the texts, images and other objects that we want to print have been inserted, we press (Ctrl + P), we check that everything is in order in the preview e we accept. We will automatically have the document with a quick and easy book design in our printer.

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