How to create a professional PowerPoint presentation with iSlide quickly and easily

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There is an accessory that can be downloaded to PowerPoint, called iSlide, which allows you to create a single format which will highlight the slide you make.

In case you didn't know, not only can you create unique formats and spreadsheets, but you can also save it and use it in future presentations.

Aspects that iSlide offers to extend PowerPoint tools

Once this add-in is installed, a new tab will be added to the Office toolbar where all its resources will be located.

It is about 180.000, which include templates, icons, graphics and themes that allow you to combine colors, images, vector designs, diagrams and icons that will help you create interactive content.

Its modification and design allow you to improve the way you work with content that can be placed on the slide, ensuring that everything looks uniform.

It also expands the number of animated transitions between slides, including a timer, so you don't need to manually edit them.

Finally, it is a very comprehensive tool that allows you to compress your presentation in video format, export aspects of it (such as fonts, images) and change the style in which other people will receive the content if it is sent.


How can you create a professional PowerPoint presentation using iSlide tools?

Mostly you should make sure your Office version is 2010 onwards, as this add-on was enabled by those versions.

Or via the option free or Premium the extension you download; You will be able to improve the content of your slides by performing the following steps.

Start creating your slide

Once the add-in is installed in your version of Office; Enter PowerPoint and press the button » New »To start designing the content of your presentation.

After the blank page appears; You need to access the tab iSlide and display the menu » Temi »To find the one you like best.

You will have to determine the relationship of the slide with the screen that you will use for the presentation that you can create by clicking on » Fillet «; and within " Settings page »you will find different options ranging from standard, panoramic and custom.

Insert the content of your presentation through text

Creating slides is not much different from the usual procedure in PowerPoint, as it is sufficient to press » Title »To add one to the page.

Likewise, you can add the " Text box »With the option of the same name and start inserting the content.

You also have the possibility to investigate the application on the web looking for information through " Instruments »And selecting» Explore " to start.


Enhance your slide with animated transitions!

To add them, simply click with the left mouse button on the » Transition »And a side will be displayed with the» Animations »Offered by the extension.

In other options, the section » slide »Will allow you to control the animations of the added content while creating a professional PowerPoint presentation using iSlide.

After choosing from the available transitions; It will also allow you to choose the speed with which the animation will take place via the timer " Slow-Fast »That you find under the drop-down menu.

Likewise, new types of animations can also be added to the animations, images and text you add to your slide content.

Once you have finished the presentation you have created, you just have to " To save »And click on the button» Start presentation »To view it.

Knowing how to use PowerPoint is now a necessary skill, knowing how to use the correct PowerPoint tools will allow you to create your presentations quickly and easily.

Among the tools you should use is being able to use animations correctly or work with the sound effect correctly. Also use macros to automate your work and do it quickly.

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