How to Create a Simple Stickman Animation with Flash CC - Quick and Easy

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Flash CC is a very interesting application that allows you to create frame-by-frame animations, is undoubtedly the flagship tool for those who want to devote themselves to animation. For newbies we have prepared this tutorial on How to make a simple animation of a Stickman with Flash CC - Quick and easy, which will lay the foundation for making more complex animations.

The best thing is to always start with the simplest, which undoubtedly translates to Stickman in the world of animation. They made the animation of a Stickman it's quite a simple process with Flash CC, here we will tell you easily and quickly how to do it.

Please note that the following guide is intended for beginners, i.e. those who do not know how to perform a basic animation. If you already know the previous method, you may be interested in making a professional smooth animation with Pivot Animator, another great process for animations of these characteristics.

How to Create a Simple Stickman Animation with Flash CC - Quick and Easy

Before starting the animation process, you need to prepare the Flash CC framework. This is something quite simple, but you need to do it to start making your own frames:

  1. The first thing to do is to open the Flash CC application.
  2. When opened, click File and then New, select ActionScript 3.0 in the Type section.
  3. On the right side of the screen you have to indicate the size you want for your flash animation.
  4. You can also change the frame rate. Keep in mind that they are frames per second, so the higher the speed, the more images you will need to shoot to cover the entire second.
  5. Once the work panel is configured, click OKAY.

With the above, you will have the program properly prepared to make Flash animations using movies or to start animating your Stickman.

Time to start your Stickman animation

Once you've got the environment ready to work, it's time to start creating your simple Stickman animation. Read the following instructions carefully and you will be able to do it very easily:

  1. The work panel will appear on the screen, where the middle sheet is the canvas on which you will draw the animation. On the other hand, the bottom are the layers, that is, each of the frames that are part of the animation.
  2. At the bottom of the screen you will find the option Onion panel, we recommend that you activate it. By activating it, you will be able to see the old frames on the canvas as you progress.
  3. Use the drawing tool to create your Stickman, then draw the first frame where your character will appear.
  4. Press on the second frame and proceed with the next drawing. We advise you to make very subtle changesPlease note that by default the frame rate per second is 24 which means 24 images make up one second.
  5. You will have to repeat the procedure with each of the frames, that is, start drawing a new one and make very subtle changes.
  6. Using the key F6 you can add a New keyframe, which means it will copy information from the previous frame, which can be particularly useful for creating complex frames. Using this option you can rotate and drag your designs.
  7. To see your progress you can press the Ctrl + Enter key, in this way observe the animation.

With the previous method you can create animations from very simple to very complex, but it's a good start if you later plan to make more complex content with professional apps, such as Flat Design-style animations in After Effects. Going back to dimensions, it is important to save while making changes, keep in mind that the animation process requires a lot of patience and dedication.

With the right effort, you will be able to make animations of considerable complexity. Although the tutorial we presented today strictly goes to the basics, analyzing the options in Flash CC, you can do something of great quality.

On the other hand, if you want an alternative that doesn't require a program like Flash, remember that you can make animations online, which is especially useful for newbies.

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