How to create a sitemap from scratch for my website? - Simple steps

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For example, the user may have used any sitemaps found there. With the only detail that many of these are badly done.

So when using them as a mold and figure they will serve as an example to create one from scratch, mistakes are often made that make it not working.

Site Map What is it and what is it for?

Before you can create a sitemap you need to know what it is and how it works. This is an .xml file stored in the URL.

At the same time, it is possible to convert an XML file into a Word, Excel or TXT text document and even import XML file into a spreadsheet in OpenOffice to read it correctly or give it another use.

This URL is usually frequented by web search engine bots, with Google being the one that shows it the most (because it is one of the fastest browsers), and also, some other people passionate about programming.

This file it must have its own language, that is, a syntax that is usually well established for it to work correctly.

In short, the sitemap is just that, a web page extension that is embodied in another special font format (. Xml). To be clear, it's not very useful for people (unless you want to find errors in them and not repeat them in other sitemaps).

Ma for search engines they are importantIndeed, it is one of the things they care about the most and to which they really pay attention.

Si reflect changes that have taken place in the structure of the page or website. Be it a blog, a virtual shop, a portal, among others.

These will appear inversely in the page encoding. If you've tried to create a sitemap by looking at another one, the person will be able to see that the last change made to the site will appear first.

Create a Sitemap from zero

There are several formats that allow you to insert content on the website, but, for those who are just starting out, it is It is possible to create a sitemap using simple language.

In this way the procedure becomes a little less complicated and later it will be possible to learn how to modify it according to the user's needs.

Therefore, the task of creating a sitemap can be made quite simple, if the correct tools are used, in fact, one can even be generated automatically. "Google XML Sitemaps" is an extension that allows users to create a template from scratch.

This " Plugin "It can be very useful if you have" WordPress ". It can be obtained from the " Google web store ", And by installing it it will be possible to immediately generate a" site map "Which can be sent directly.

In this way, changes or updates made by the site owner will be recognized, keeping the indexing data updated. On the other hand, if it is not possible to acquire it, there are other ways to create a sitemap, and one of them is to use the " Sitemap XML “, Which works the same way.

This map generator can create one quickly and safely, without eventualities or errors within the facility. It will work great.

The only thing that needs to be done is to position the domain of the web page and it will do the rest of the work by drawing and generating the sitemap for it.

Submit to Google

Now, once the web map has been created, it needs to be submitted using another tool called " Google Webmaster Tools ”Who will do it.

In it you must enter the domain of the page in the " Add property ”And then it will ask for URL verification.

Once created, it must be sent in the " Tracking / Sitemap / add or test sitemap ”Located in the instrument control panel.

In the bar below you have to paste or insert the generated link or the plugin or the XML tool used, it is given in " Send ”And it will be so.

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