How to create a subscription form in WordPress

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When building a website with WordPress to attract customers and specify your services, it is essential to have an element that acts as a bridge when interacting with your visitors. The perfect tool to achieve these goals are i registration forms which will allow you to process all the information provided.

Take the next step in promoting your products through simple strategies to make them like your page using one of the most used methods if your site is on WordPress.

What plugins do you need to create a subscription form in WordPress?

WordPress already comes with some modules that allow you to search your site. However, if you want to create your own templates, you will need to use a plug-in because of this. The Plugin it is a fragment within content marketing that extends the functions of a program. Simplify your work by bringing everything together in one place.

Installing a plugin in WordPress is very simple. You just have to go on desktop, click on Plugin and select “add new”. Find what you need, from the list you will see below, install it, activate it and it will be ready to use.

Activation modules

If you are new to HTML or CSS, this plugin makes it easy for you to create registration forms simply by selecting the design that you can customize. You can add the created form to any post or page on your WordPress site using the classic editor.

Optin Forms can be integrated with popular services such as AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, icontact, madMimi, among others. It also allows you to create newsletters for subscribers.


This Plugin allows you to have control over the appearance of the form, also allowing you to choose where you want to see it. Also, it doesn't require any knowledge of HTML or CSS since it has themes ready when creating the registration forms.

You can compare the forms created and get statistics to see which is the most effective and is equally compatible with services like AWeber, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse and MailChimp. The latter is very useful, because you can even create a contact list directly to submit your form via email.

Popup ally

If you offer a free product or service with this plows n you can win the most subscriptions to offer promotions to those who are to leave your page and create popup windows quickly. It is not necessary to know HTML o CSS to be able to change the content or design of the windows, as it has a visual editor.

Steps to create a subscription form in WordPress

Before getting started, it can sometimes be useful to create an Excel form for your website before doing it directly in WordPress, to help you organize your information. So, the first thing we need to do is activate the Plugin that we choose from the WordPress dashboard to add it to the dashboard. Click on it and then on the " add a new module "

Choose below the type of form you want and then select a topic of your preference. Click "next step" again to set and customize the welcome message, short description, endnote or background color.

In the next step you determine the conditions for displaying the form, for example: when to view it, how often it will appear to the same user or use when you plan to leave the page.

Taking the "next step" (automatic responders) you can integrate the module with optional services. Depending on the automatic response, a window will appear asking for the data to log in and connect the plugin you have installed to your account.

Select “next step” again to continue and view the information provided by the answering machine. Choose what you want or more from the options that will appear in double format, send a welcome email or activate your address book.

As a last step, complete the setup and log into your site. Create easily and easily registration forms really eye-catching for your website, as most of the WordPress plugin facilitates this process. Pick the one you like, tweak it to grab attention, and voila.

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