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We recommend that you use Blogger, which is nothing more than a service created for anyone who wants to grow as a blogger. You can also easily create your website with Blogger. Next, we will introduce you to one step by step guide on how to create a totally free blog on Blogger.

Steps to start your blog on Blogger in minutes

Opening a blog is very simple, we will explain to you step by step what you should do, and below we will give you some details so that you can give it your personal and professional touch at the same time.

  1. Go to page.
  2. Click on the «Create your blog» button.
  3. Start your Google account.
  4. Enter the title you want your blog to report.
  5. Enter the address where your website will be registered.
  6. Choose your blog design with the predefined options you have available.
  7.  Click the »button Create blog».

In just seven steps and a few minutes you will have your own blog. But to have many visits and success in this world, you need to apply yourself a little more. You can place social media buttons so that you can have more visits or that they can contact you personally.

Basic information your blog should have

  • ¨Create a new entry «. There you can post the articles you want to share. When you open it, you will notice that it is very similar to writing in a Word document. Put the title of your article in the blank next to the word "Entry".
  • On the white sheet, write the information. Select the font you want your text to have. Choose the font size. Establish the structure you want your article to reflect across text formats.
  • Add images to make the your post more attractive. You can choose them from your computer or from the Internet. Adjust the size and position of the image.
  • Add a video, created by yourself or by YouTube. Add links to allow readers to expand on the information they are reading. Once you have completed all of these fields, click Publish.
  • You can also upload or add an MP3 to your blog in Blogger, this will give more content to your blog and be more dynamic.
  • topics. In this section you can give your blog a personal touch. Select the theme from the default options. If you want to add more originality, download a theme from the Internet. Enter "themes" click the "Edit HTML" button. Delete the code from the default theme. Copy and paste code of the theme you downloaded. Click Save. Go back to your home page and refresh to see your chosen theme loaded.
  • pages. This is information that you want to be permanent on your blog and is very different from what you enter in the entry. In the «pages», you can write information about yourself, or how they can contact you, they are also practical to include services or products for sale, for example.

Tips for making your blog elegant and professional

To give a modern style to your blog you can create your menu in Blogger in a personalized way in the upper left part of your blog in the section » Design».

  • In the first box, click "Edit". Add or remove the options you prefer. Go home and refresh the page to upload your changes.
  • In the social network box, enter the social networks where your followers will be able to interact with you.

  • In the "Header" box, enter the image you want to be your blog logo.
  • In the ¨Menu main section, draw the menu under the logo. Enter the links you prefer to appear in that menu.
  • In "About Me," write a review about yourself. Click on «Rich Text, enter the information. To add a photo, copy and paste the URL of the photo you want to share, in the section that appears in the HTML code of this section. Click on save, check the changes.

By applying these tips and tricks, you will be able to make your blog a great one life project, if you want. You can get endless things. Find out on

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