How to create a Twoo account and use it to meet new people | Tutorial

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Main features of the Twoo social network

In Twoo you can register for free and quickly and easily to start using the social network or you can pay the Premium subscription to get benefits. It is also possible that you can meet people and establish a good friendship or relationship.

You can have access to Twoo in more than 200 countries. This allows you to meet people from anywhere in the world, since more than 18 million people are registered on this platform.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a Twoo account?

If you are reluctant to open an account on this platform, you should know the advantages and disadvantages that Twoo offers to decide whether to register or not.


The first advantage is that both recording and sending messages via chat it is a free service and you can also have access to the profile of the people you care about. Furthermore, there will always be people to chat with, as the number of registered users on the web is high.


You can come across impostors or fake profiles, so it's convenient that you always be careful not to share so much information. You must know that you could receive spam or inappropriate messages.

You should also bear in mind that the only option you have for interacting with other users is chat, as membership, which offers more options, is a bit expensive. However, there are ways to get the Twoo Premium subscription for a few days totally free, so that you can use it temporarily.

Procedure for accessing your account

You can learn the procedure below so you can see how easy it is  log in to Twoo successfully.

From the web server

You need to open the Twoo page from your computer. Once on the page you need to enter the "Connect" option. So you have to enter your details (email and password)  to access Twoo.

From the mobile app

Download the application from Android or IOS. Open the app and the "Connect" option will appear, you have to enter it, then enter your details (e-mail and password) to log in.

What can I do if I have forgotten my password to log into Twoo?

You can change your password with a new one by entering the social network and clicking on the option " Did you forget your password? «, You must write your email and request the new password.

You will receive an email with a link where you can insert it and restore it. You have to type in your new password, save your changes and you will have already reset your password.

How can I find someone's profile on Twoo?

Once you are logged into your Twoo account, at the bottom of the home page you will see a section that says «the friends are waiting for you to connect »In order to be able to search for other users of the platform.

How can I permanently delete my Twoo account?

You can permanently delete your Twoo account from both your computer and your mobile device by following these steps.

From the PC

Enter the Twoo website from your browser and log in. Then you have to click on your profile, select the configuration option and click on «Account». Then click on "Account statement" and " Delete your account ". Then continue with the process until you see the option to permanently delete your account and that's it.

From your mobile

The process for deleting your account from your mobile is very similar to that of your PC. You need to log in to the Twoo app and log in and follow the same steps as the previous method.

Is it possible to recover my Twoo account after deleting it?

When you delete your account, Twoo sends you an email, in that email you will find the option to reactivate the account. By clicking on this option you will be directed to the page where you have to press » Connect «, Enter the e-mail address, your old password, click on« Connect »and that's it.

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