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It is a great way to earn by taking advantage of the great popularity who has this social network. Take advantage of this detailed tutorial so that you can have your online store as quickly as possible to start generating good income.

Follow the steps to the letter and in minutes you can start selling any products or services you have to offer.

What is a virtual shop on Facebook

In short, it is a section that is added to a fanpage where you can showcase all the products you have to offer. It is an online store like any other, but within the same social network.

It can be configured in many ways and adapted to various formats. It is ideal to sell products on the Internet for two reasons: the popularity of the social network Who does not have Facebook today? And above all because the social network does not charge commissions on sales, which is extremely positive.

When a user comes to your store, they simply have to review the data of your product, check the price and if he likes it he can make the purchase from the same social network. You can add as many products as you want as there is no type of limitation.

You can also divide your products by category or collections so that everything is perfectly organized and your customers can quickly find the product they want.

Something extremely convenient is that from here they can send you private messages with questions or concerns. And as if the above were not enough, you can check the statistics that Facebook offers you to be able to plan an effective business plan in the medium and long term.

How to create an online store on Facebook

  • You have to go to your fanpage and then on " Settings ”Located in the upper right area.
  • In case you do not have the option " Store "You simply have to go to the bottom of the page and select" Add a card "Then configure the option" Store ".
  • If you want to get things done faster, we recommend that you add a product manually and then simply delete it in order to activate the feature. It can be anything and it shouldn't be that detailed either, as we'll delete it later.
  • Next you will need to go to the Facebook Catalog Manager and from here you can choose the catalog that was created when you added the previous product.
  • Now you have to go to the right and click on " Product data sources ". So we'll go up " Add product ".
  • Here you have to select " Use data feeds "And click" NEXT ".
  • Then select the update module on the right " Set a schedule ".

Create a virtual shop on Facebook

  • Open a new tab and go back to your store manager.
  • After that you will have to go up Sales channels and then on the Instagram Shop.
  • You will see a button that says " Generate product catalog ".
  • Here you will have to copy the link that is generated next to " Catalog products ”which is marked.
  • Now come back to the Facebook administrator and in "Add a data feed URL" you have to paste the address you copied earlier.
  • After that you will need to schedule automatic updates. It is best to be between 7am and 00am.
  • When you are almost done, you will need to choose the currency in which you want to sell your products. After that, simply click on " Start upload "Or" Start loading ".
  • Then click " View products ”To confirm that all your products have been loaded successfully.

Please note that Facebook does not allow the upload of any type of product. Rather, you need to verify it before it goes live. So once you post them, it may take some time for them to appear in your store. When it is being verified, a legend will appear " In process ".

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