How to create a watercolor effect on a photo in Photoshop

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For this reason, we want to show you, through this article, how to make a watercolor effect on a photograph in Photoshop.

And the widespread use of this application is due to the large number of photo effects that you can apply to an image and are made by a professional. And we have already named some of the effects you can achieve with this tool. Such as changing a color image to black and white.

We return with a tutorial that you will simply love, the effect we will get is spectacular. The image will be very realistic and will look like it was shot on a watercolor painted canvas.

How to create a watercolor effect on a photo in Photoshop

Next we will show you how to create a watercolor paint effect on a photo in Photoshop. And we will do this by applying very simple techniques, first we will start by opening the program, then we will go to the top menu and enter the File tab and choose the new option. This action will open the window again.

Here we have to enter the following measurements in Width 1920, Height 1080 and Resolution 300 and then make a clip in the Ok option. This will allow you to view a blank sheet with the measurements you set. Now let's go back to File, then select the Place option and choose the custom texture that we must have previously saved on our computer.

Here we place the link to look for textures, when we have the texture on our canvas, we need to adjust it to have the same size and finally validate. Now let's go to the right part and select the layer that has the texture. And to this we will lower the 70% opacity.

Using the different watercolor brushes

Now let's go back to File, then to Place and we will choose the image to which we will give the effect of watercolor painting. Now we're going to go to the right side and select this new layer and go down and create a layer mask. So let's go to the side menu and choose the painting tool, then choose the black color and then validate.

Now, I go back to the side panel and choose it brush tool, that we can install the brushes in Photoshop e  now we will select the white color and validate by clicking on Ok. At the top left, I find the watercolor brushes and try to enlarge the tip so that it takes up a lot of space. Now pass the brush over the layer mask, little by little, until it covers the whole photo.

If you wish, you can use different brush tips, to give it a better effect and finish, everything here is at your discretion. When you're done, we'll go to File, so choose Place to choose the Splatter Stock color.

Now let's go to this new color splash layer and place it under the livello Stock. And the color splash layer we will lower the opacity to 50%, now we select above all the layers and go to the bottom. There we will create an Intensity Adjustment Layer.

And we will position this intensity at +100 and the saturation which we will position at +15, we go back again to the icons that are in the final part of the levels. And we will create a color search adjustment layer. So in the section that says 3DLUT File, next to it we cut out Load and select FoggyNight and lower the opacity to 35%.

In this way we have finished our drawing, where we apply several layers and use watercolor brushes. And it's so easy that you learned in minutes how to create a watercolor effect on a photograph in Photoshop.

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