How to create a YouTube channel in minutes

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But you will say that create a YouTube channel it must be something very difficult to do. But let me tell you, dear friend, that nothing is further from the truth than this. Since if you follow the steps that we will show you in this post, you will soon be previewing the first of the many videos that you will upload in this one.

How to create a YouTube channel in minutes

We'll start by telling you that the first thing you should do to create your channel is open a Gmail email. And you have your Google account, if you don't have it you can download it from the Play Store.

After completing this step you have to go to the main YouTube page and, being on the page, we will be on the right side where it says Login.

Let's make a clip on that button, a dialog box will pop up asking you to log in, in this case you have to select the option Create account. And then you will see a form that you need to fill in, but first of all you need to click on the option I want a new Gmail address.

And there you have to enter the email address you want to use, now you have to keep filling in the fields. It is important to enter the data referring to an alternative email and telephone number. This is for YouTube to verify your new channel and in cases where you lose or forget your password.

Now to complete this step select Return to YouTube, now you will go to the top right of the screen and you will notice that another icon appears. Next to the bell, a symbol of a person appears, make a clip there and several options appear, you need to select Your channel.

A box will appear with the name of Use YouTube as, there if you wish you can leave the name that appears, by default it is yours. But we recommend that you change it and make a clip in the option Use a company name or other name. It will take you to another window and you need to type in Brand Account Name and then hit the Create button.

Channel configuration

At this moment you have already created your channel and you will only have to configure the options to be customized. That's why we're going to press the button Customize channel, it will take you to a window with your channel name. In the logo that appears your name you can find a pencil, this is used to change the logo of your name.

If we go to the right side of our logo we will find another pencil if we press it, it will not appear Edit channel header. We make clips to edit it, the changes made may take a few minutes to apply. After applying the changes, you can create a clip on your name to see what your channel looks like.

Now we go to select the description of the channel, for this we create a clip on Customize channel and a window will appear with some information that we can modify. You need to press Channel Description and enter everything related to it. Here you can continue adding data such as email, country, links, etc.

Now finally, on our home page we will go to the top right and in our channel icon, we will make a clip there. A dialog box will appear and we select Creator Studio. It takes us to another window, we go to the bottom left of the screen and look for the option of the classic version of Creator studio, then we select others and send.

Then we select the channel and a series of options appear that are not yet enabled because certain parameters must be respected. AND as you will see, you have already created yours Youtube channel.

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