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Remember that there are many channels YouTube, so to improve your popularity you need to look for a way to innovate on a daily basis. A simple and surprising way to do this is through freebies that grab the attention of your followers, this will undoubtedly attract more subscribers to your channel.

For this reason, today we will not only mention free tools most used to make giveaways on YouTube, but we will also tell you the steps to do so. So, without further ado, keep reading this article, as we're sure you'll run a giveaway on your YouTube channel upon completion.

The best free tools for giving a gift on YouTube

As you know, the competition on YouTube it increases every day, as more and more people have a channel on this platform every day. That's why you have to continuously manage it so that your channel becomes more popular and therefore you have more visits on YouTube and more followers.

One way to achieve this is through giveaways, as everyone likes to be a winner, so posting a giveaway on your channel will motivate people to follow you. To do this, there are many free tools, however, below, we will mention the most popular:

  • Fantastic web tabs, it's one excellent tool to pay giveaways on YouTube, with it you can reward your followers for watching and commenting on one of your videos. With this tool you will be able to do comment sweepstakes and even cross-platform sweepstakes, including of course YouTube and any other networks you have.
  • Lottery App, with this application you can create contests and promotions on your YouTube channel, its use is very simple, because you randomly choose the winning comment on your video. Also, leave a link with a certificate of authenticity so that people can verify the veracity of the lottery made.
  • Sortea2, like the previous ones, is one of the most used tools, this will not only allow you to carry out the giveaway, but will also publish the results on the Internet and on your different social networks.
  • Socialman, this tool can be easily configured and you can also adapt it to your language and like the others, do the lottery for the comments received on the video.

As you may have noticed, these free tools they are very similar, so it is up to you to decide which of them you want to use when conducting a giveaway on YouTube.

Steps to gift YouTube with free online tools

Now that you know the tools free most used to make giveaways on YouTube, we will show you the steps so you can make them. In this case, we will use it Cool tabs tool for the example, however, as mentioned in the previous point, you can use whatever you want.

Remember that, with any of those tools that we indicate, you will fulfill the goal of paying your giveaway on YouTube and your channel will increase its popularity. Once this point is clarified, below we will mention the steps to be able to do un giveaway su YouTube:

  • Enter your YouTube channel as you normally do.
  • Correctly upload the video to your channel and at first explain that you will be conducting a giveaway.
  • Tell your followers about the conditions so they can participate.
  • Indicate the date on which It will take place the extraction.
  • Once the date arrives, you just need to import your followers' comments into the Cool tabs tool. You do this via the Excel file and a CSV file.
  • After importing your comments, click "Start Giveaway" And that's it.

If you follow these simple steps, you will see like the same tool chooses casually the winner of your giveaway and will also post it directly to your channel, so that everyone knows who won. So, if you've already managed to do a giveaway su YouTube with free tools, keep reading the articles on this blog.

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