How to create an account in ASK and its operation explained in a simple way

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If you want to find out more about how ASK works, you are in the right place, as you will be able to know how to create or delete your account in a process very similar to that of Mach. In turn, you can clarify your doubts about how to ask questions and find people on the social network.

What is required to open an account on ASK?

If you want to create an account in ASK, you must comply with all the conditions and terms that this social network establishes for its users.

Be over 13 years old

To open an account on this social network, one of the conditions is that you are at least 13 years old. This is due to the type of content ASK has, as most of the affected users are teenagers.

An email or a social network

To create an account in ASK you need to enter an email. You have to take into consideration that ASK messages can be filtered in your email. But to skip the email step, you can log in with Twitter, Facebook, or Google account.

Procedure for creating an account

One of its characteristics that ASK has is that it is not necessary to create an account to be able to ask your questions. However, if you want to create an account you have to enter the ASKfm page or you can also download the application, which is available on the App Store or Google Play.

If you want to enter from the page, you have to type »ASKfm» in the search engine of your browser and enter the website. In case you have already downloaded the application, the procedure we will discuss below, works for both cases.

Once you are in the social network, the login button, you need to click. After that, it will give you the option to create your account using one of the social networks you already have or email. In case you want to create your ASK user with an account of another social network, you will have to press the icons depending on which one you want to use.

In case you want to use email, you will need to fill out a form in ASK, in which you will need to enter a username, your full name, password, e-mail, date of birth and language.

After performing this procedure, you can search for your friends on other social networks and share your profile so they can ask you questions.

How to find a person in ASK?

To search for people or friends on your Facebook in ASK you can use the search engine which gives you the ability to search for them through social networks to see who has an account there, or by entering the person's name in the ASKfm search engine.

Where is another person asked a question?

You can ask any person the questions you want and for that, what you need to do is enter the profile of the person you want to post. In this you will see a box where you can write your question.

Of course, if they want it to be anonymous, you have to click on the box indicating that the person will not be able to know that it is you a ask.

Can the ASK account be deleted forever?

If what you want is to delete your account, you need to follow a few simple steps to get them. Unlike other social networks, the process of deleting your ASK account is very quick and easy.

The first thing you should do is log in and go to the configuration option. Next, you need to click on the option to deactivate the account and enter the password to complete the process.

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