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However, it is possible that on several occasions when we are creating the Instagram account, we find that this social network does not allow us to create a new account. Has this happened to you? In this post we will explain some reasons why this can happen and how you can fix it; so that you can finally get hold of the PC photo upload functions.

Can't create an Instagram account?

Registration on Instagram it is not a difficult process, which is why millions of people from all over the planet earth register smoothly every day. But there are also many users who have some difficulties in completing the registration process and this can cause them some inconvenience.

It should be noted that an essential requirement that Instagram demands is to have a valid email address and which, of course, has not previously been registered in this social network. Also, it happens to many users to enter an email already registered on Instagram, so it is not valid for that system to use this email again.

Instagram does not allow you to create a new account

If you already have an Instagram account with that email you're trying to register, you have to create the account with an email you didn't use before. However, if you don't have another one, you can create it. For example, if what you have is Hotmail, you can create a Gmail. By the way, the process of creating a Gmail email is pretty quick and easy.

Errors when creating a new Instagram account

  • Instagram won't allow you to create 2 accounts with the same email, this is due to the security policies of this social network. In fact, the creators of this network take into account that if for any reason your account is hacked, the recovery process requires sending an email; and if you register two emails, they will not know where to send you the recovery of your profile.
  • Another mistake when creating a new Instagram account is that you are providing your information the wrong way. You may be spelling the email incorrectly or using an email located in another account. You will need to make sure that all information provided is valid.

Steps to correct errors

  1.  Maybe the IP address or network you are connected to, someone else used it to create a new Instagram account and it is marked as SPAM. In this case, you will have to wait a few days to try again.
  2.  Sometimes Instagram detects that you are using one of the applications that are not original of Instagram. If this is the case, you will need to change the application data.
  3. You might as well use an email or phone number marked as SPAM.
  4. Another error can come from saturated server or that do not flow optimally. For this you have to wait for the next day.
  5. The browser you are using may not work well, try these alternatives. You can also try switching devices.
  6. If none of the previous steps worked, uninstall and install Instagram and recreate the account.

We hope this information was useful to you and that you can solve this often common problem. And by the way, we suggest that when you create your Instagram account, you have it Private. You can share this post with your friends, family and even leave us your comment.

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