How to create an account on Milanuncios to post free ads? - Step by step guide

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There are so many sites website through which it is possible to make purchases of all kinds, and also to get the products purchased home in a few days, as in the case of Amazon and even the Wallapop platform, but in reality there are many more sites. This helps a lot if you are a little lazy to go to a certain store to buy a product or have to buy something that you can't find near you.

Additionally, many of the processes behind using a sell and buy website are extremely simple. This, not to mention what it's like to be able to sell an item on one of these pages.

From your home, on a computer or in a web application, you have the option to make a publication, upload product images, make a description and get any interested from anywhere in the country, or even the world if they are interested in a particular product. That will help you earn money through your website or blog.

And, when it comes to purchases and sales in Spain, many will talk about Milanuncios. This is a website dedicated to creating purchase announcements for different users in Spain.

It is often used for the ease of use of its web portal and the speed with which a product can be obtained without the need for an intermediary. Basically, you see an ad with a product for sale, you contact the seller and arrange everything with yourself. So, if you are interested in creating an account there, see what you need to know below.

Open an account in Milanuncios

Open an account on a site sale and purchase it can be a bit of a hassle. Maybe not difficult but a little annoying having to fill out several forms and be able to go through the process as fast as possible to have the account active. However, this is not the case with Milanuncios.

In fact, you don't need an account to be able to publish any of your products on their website. Not even an account to buy a product, as the site relies on not being an intermediary in a purchase or sale.

Basically, make a transparent transaction by having the buyer and seller talk directly to each other.

Place an ad in Milanuncios

As you know, you don't need an account to be able to publish shopping products on Milanuncios. All you need are photos of the product and information about it. Now, you just need to follow the following step by step to go through the process:

  • First you need to enter the Milanuncios official website.
  • When you are on the main page, you will see several options on the screen. However, go ahead and click "Post ad".
  • From this point the process is quite simple. You have to choose which type of article you want to publish. Also, you need to specify if you are selling a product or if you are looking to buy one in particular.
  • On this same product enter all the details. The price, description and name among many other things.
  • You will also need to upload the photos. Remember that the more photos there are, the better, so you can better attract a buyer.
  • Once your ad is finished, enter your contact information as you see it best; Milanuncios will send you an email with instructions explaining how manage the your ad. You should just wait until someone is interested in a purchase.
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