How to create an account on Tik Tok - Quick and easy

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It is focused on the teen audience, although there is no age limit to create a profile, you just need a good attitude and creativity to create fun music videos (the best thing about this site is that at some point Tik Tok starts to pay you money if you have fame).

Tik Tok allows you to browse to watch their videos without the need to register. However, in order for you to like, record videos, follow friends, receive or send messages or other users, or create your own, you need to create an account.

How to create a profile on Tik Tok quickly and easily

If you want create an account or a profile on Tik Tok quickly and easily, you need to start by downloading the application to your mobile device. IS compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, then you can download it from the official play store and apple store.

To do this, once inside the app, we'll start by clicking Yo. It is located in the lower right corner of the screen. In this way we will enter our profile.

Since we haven't created a profile yet, a red Register button will appear in the center of the screen. Click there and it will take you to a new tab. You can create your account using:

  • Phone Number
  • E-mail
  • Facebook account
  •  Twitter
  •  Instagram
  • Google account

Choose one of these alternatives. Remember that since you are creating a profile, you need to verify the accuracy of the method you have chosen, so we recommend that you use an account or phone number that is active and to which you have access.

The fastest and most practical ways are those using the synchronization of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google accounts, since you have already uploaded all your data.

Next, you need to enter your date of birth on a new screen. This is one point compulsory that you need to complete.

The next thing will be to write down your phone number. There they will send you an SMS text message with a code. That is why it is important that the number you enter is active, that it can receive messages and that you can access it.

If you don't have a phone number, swipe left on Get a code by SMS message to change to Get code by email.

As mentioned above, remember to write one you have access to. You should search your inbox for the code to verify your account.

password and name

Once you have entered the verification code, you need to create a password. It must be between 8 (eight) and 20 (twenty) characters of at least two: letters, numbers and special characters.

After completing these steps, you need to create a username. Tik Tok doesn't allow two different users to have the same name, so you may have to try a couple of different alternatives until you find a username that isn't in use.

How to change my Tik Tok profile in a few steps

Once you've done all the steps above, you can get started edit your profile. We recommend that you take the time to do this. Your profile is like a showcase, it's a first impression on you.

So we recommend that your profile is the closest thing to your personality. There you have to show what you want other users to see about you. If you are looking to become famous or known on Tik Tok, a first impression is important, you can also make money doing what you love.

Choose a good profile picture and, if possible, of good quality. Add any data you prefer, such as other social networks you use so that they can follow you there too and whatever you want.

Now that you know how to create an account on Tik Tok, not you just have to dedicate yourself to making a video with photos, videos and slides, in order to get more followers. If you have any questions about this tutorial, you can leave them in the comments so we can help.

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