How to create an account or sign up for Hot or Not for free

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During this exhaustive search we may come across giants in the area, such as the Tinder app. However, some people no longer agree with its use or are just plain on search for another more innovative option.

This is where we come across the Hot or Not dating app. Although its name sounds trivial enough, its functions are not. That is why here we will explain everything you need to know for use the Hot or Not application.

What is the Hot or Not app?

With the evolution of technology and the arrival of applications, new ways to meet people have been implemented for some time and have appointments, letters or email invitations are no longer common, now there are applications to meet people, be they friends or to go out on a date.

Likewise, Hot or Not does not escape this social reality because if we talk about definition, this app is for flirting, go out with a method similar to Tinder, that is, contact the people close to you and if the two people feel attraction or just want to meet, they agree to meet.

This application has something in particular and that is that there is a certain evaluation of the images in it, that is, if you put an image, the rest of the user of a gives you a score to the about. By deciding if they are attractive or not and if there is a mutual reaction, that is, a positive evaluation and that the two attract each other, they can establish more contacts. For all these applications, the first step is to create a registry.

How to create an account or sign up for Hot or Not for free

You can use this alternative to meet people who are in your area from a PC or from the application on your mobile, but you must first be registered to have their alternatives and the question is How to create this account?

If your preference is to use this network on your computer, you must first access the portal through the navigation bar you use, access the site. If your option is to use it on your mobile you have to enter the Play Store and proceed with the download, being there if proceed with the registration of your account. There is a way to fill in the form with your respective data, which gender you belong to, your email, location, create a password.

After filling out the form, you access the section to create an account and where it drops you proceed to upload some photos to complete your profile or account with the possibility of uploading it from Facebook or Instagram or simply from your gallery you can select the photos which are of your preference Then proceed to form your email and details and if you wish you can also verify your account for added security.

Advantages of using dating apps

What we should know is that if you are in the comfort of your home and want to meet people, these apps will help you, be it friends or couples, you can get both through them, actually today they are many people who use the internet for this.

One of the reasons many people access this method of meeting people it's because they can be shy and facing someone they want, meeting face to face is a bit boring even uncomfortable. So if you use these applications it will be much easier.

If you are not satisfied with the experience in Hot or Not, remember that there are other applications to flirt for free, in case you decide to meet new people you can switch to this method, and they are available for different operating systems.

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