How to create an amazing PowerPoint infographic in minutes

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This knowledge belongs to the area of ​​office automation and, for this reason, learning how to use Microsoft Office can help you in any job and it is important to add it to any resume. Well, currently, all companies require it as a requirement to work with them.

We want you to know that you shouldn't limit yourself to PowerPoint domain. The best thing to do is to try to get to know the entire Microsoft Office software suite. PowerPoint, Excel, and Word are essential tools for anyone in the modern world.

All you need is to have a computer with PowerPoint downloaded and installed. In addition, of course, to the basic knowledge needed to manage different software.

Remember that PowerPoint is a paid program, which can be purchased on the official Microsoft website. It is an investment that is really worth it, you will not regret purchasing this program.

What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

It is a presentation program for creating or making creative slides, created by Microsoft Corporation, for your Windows operating system. It is one of the most important elements of the Microsoft Office suite, which we have already talked about earlier.

A very impressive official fact is that, every day, they are made more than 30 million presentations around the world using PowerPoint. Figure that gives us the empirical guideline of the importance of this program worldwide.

What is office automation?

In general, office automation is the set of  IT tools with application in the corporate and office environment. As well as computer techniques to improve the efficiency and productivity of these offices. It has been developed since the 70s, but, currently, it is where it finds its greatest importance.

How to create amazing infographic in PowerPoint?

As you already know, infographics are graphic representations, texts or diagrams, which summarize the topics and serve as a basis for explaining them. They are used in various fields, such as scientific and commercial. For its practicality and simplicity in preparation.

What you need to create an infographic in PowerPoint is the ability to manage its basic tools. If you can insert shapes and images, you will have the basics to organize and assemble your infographic.

Otherwise, it's best to start by reviewing how to insert watermarks and images into Word (as the word processor works similarly and is easier to use).

If you notice, when you click on any inserted object, the context menu FormatDesign o Company introduction will be displayed at the top (depending on the type of object). Each of them has the options to create an amazing infographic. Try experimenting with each of them until you find the ones who do what you want.

Tips for creating an amazing infographic in PowerPoint

  • It constantly goes to the contextual tools that arise by selecting objects.
  • Place a rectangle and expand it across the slide, to use it as a customizable background. You can change its color, apply textures, transparencies or shades, according to the needs of your work.
  • Insert more background rectangles. Play with your transparencies to get interesting effects.
  • Personalize the text of the infographic, but make it easy to read. You can't sacrifice readability for excess effects.
  • If you stay printing your infographic, make sure to print it on a suitable paper, such as matte photo paper or couche mate paper. Also, ask for it to be printed in the highest possible quality so that your work is truly enjoyable.
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