How to create an animated gif with moving glitter text using Corel Photo Paint

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As many of the Canadian company Corel must already know, she is also the creator of programs such as Animation Shop and CorelDraw. Now they offer us this versatile application known as Corel Photo Paint, with which you can make a large number of graphic effects.

Next we will present an article that will try to show you in simple steps how to create an animated GIF with moving glitter text using Corel Photo Paint.

For many users, it may seem like a novelty to include animated Gif text through this program and this will show them everything that can be done with it. In a previous installment we were able to learn how to create an animated GIF with images in a very simple way.

How to create an animated gif with moving glitter text using Corel Photo Paint

It is very interesting what this Gif will do, it will move in order to illuminate each part or letter of the text, offering a very nice effect. The former appears to be capable of create an animated Gif of moving glitter text using Corel Photo Paint. It will create a movie with frames that will have a background color or an image of our choice.

You can download this image on the Internet and save it on your PC, then we make a clip in the Open option, select the file and click OK. So let's go to the movie toolbar and click the Make Movie button. So like this this image will come transformed in a movie.

With that done, go to the Insert Frame option from the floating movie window. And we will insert as many frames as there are letters in our text, this means that if we have 4 letters we must have 4 frames. Once this is done, we will position ourselves in the first frame in the floating window and in the double clip.

So let's go to our object manager and we'll write the text, for that let's go to the text tool. We format the text however we want, choose the font, style, size or create an illusion. After this step, we will convert it to an object. We select it and right click and choose the option Represent as object.

Now we will add color to our text, for this we go to the transparency lock button, then we select the tool of interactive filling and place the color. Let's click the Apply option and remove the transparency lock. With this layer selected we go to the Effect, Texture and then Plastic tab.

Gif with animated text

In the box that will show us, we apply the settings of our preference and then click OK. We will now create a new layer, so we position ourselves on the layer that contains the text, right-click and select the option Create mask from object. Now let's go to the empty layer and select the white color as the foreground.

Now let's choose the Paint tool in the side panel, select a round brush and position over the text. Right-click, select Brush stroke from Mask, then select the Out of Mask option. A white border will be created all over the outline of the letters and then we remove the mask,

We're going to apply the plastic effect to this edge, so we're actually going to apply a Gaussian blur shadow to the layer that contains the edge. And now we will put the border layer below the text layer. Now let's duplicate the layer that contains the text, in this duplicate layer we will select the Rectangular Mask tool.

We select that we only have the first letter on the left, then we create an inverted clip and in the layer we create a clip on the right and select the option Crop by mask. Therefore let's create a mask above the letter and with interactive fill and gradient fill. Then we click Edit Fill, one of the ends will have 100% opacity.

Now press Ctrl and select with the cursor where the gradient should go and then make a clip on Apply and remove the mask. Now let's select the shadow and text layers, copy it, then crop to the right, combine and merge all the objects with the background. And now we do the same thing with everyone i frame.

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