How to create an animated outro for a YouTube channel from Android

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That's why every day you can see that a sequence of sounds and images always appears at the end of the video inviting you to click on other links.

That's why if you are interested in inserting this type of idea in your channel, but you don't know how to do it, through this short and quick explanation you can improve editing and attraction to your channel, so it looks more professional.

What is an animated outro?

As the name indicates, an "outro" is nothing more than a short video that indicates the conclusion of a content, since it is nothing but the output of the playback that has been seen for a certain period of time.

YouTube users use it with great confidence and frequency, as that is what it allows them to recommend the contents of your channel, allowing viewers to stay longer inside the channel.

In other words, like alerts that are placed at the beginning or in the middle of a video, the outro acts as a method of linking that will lead the viewer to other content related to the multimedia content they have viewed during this time.

That's why putting in an animated outro is really good for the channel of the person applying it, since avoid user bounce, because it encourages them to continue enjoying the topics covered by the channel owner.

What do you need to design an animated outro within your YouTube video?

The programs that can be used are found within the download stores of the device, for free, allowing a space of creation for those who have little knowledge of this work.

Therefore, it is mandatory to have both tools, as the explanation in this article was based on both software.

Mainly you should know that outros usually have a series of elements describing the content to be displayed, to incite a series of actions within the channel.

The first software to use is called " Pixel Lab «, Whose function is none other than to create the elements that will be part of the final edition of your video, allowing you to integrate letters, icons, drawings, among others.

Similarly, the second program to use is called " KineMaster «, And it is nothing more than a video editor on Android that will allow you to merge the effect and the text. It should be noted that this animation can also be displayed when YouTube is floating or minimized.

Edit your animated outro in KineMaster

Once all the elements that will make up your outro have been found, KineMaster will take care of importing the selected animation or video, and of insert the sequence of levels representing each of the text and video templates you want to insert.

Any of these designs can be modified with the animations you prefer and downloaded at that same quality, to later become part of the end of your video.

This way, and once this design is unified with the content you want to post on your channel, you will be able to see the fabulous result you got with the outro inserted at the end of the video.

Once you have finished creating your animated outro, you will be able to evaluate how the number of reproductions increases in such a way meaningful, so you will just have to take care of inserting it in each of your future videos to start increasing your popularity within this great social network.

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