How to create an image for Pinterest using Canva for free online

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If you have a profile created on Pinterest and you use it as a commercial tool, know that the quality and originality of an image are essential to better reach your potential customers.

People who work in such an important digital marketing today know that Pinterest is a platform that generates a lot of traffic. That's why it's important that you know how to master this tool well to get the most out of it.

How to create a profile on Pinterest in just a few steps

Creating an image for Pinterest using Canva is very simple and you just have to follow a few steps. Are you ready to get started?

To start you must have a profile created in both accounts, i.e. on Pinterest and Canva, so let's first see how to create a profile:

Create a Pinterest profile

To create an account on Pinterest, it will ask you to log in with your Google profile or your Facebook profile. If you continue to use them, you will accept the terms of service and privacy policies of Pinterest.

In the next box you have to fill it in with your age. Write it down and click Continue. It will take you to a third box where you need to enter a username.

Then you need to click Next. If you pay attention at the bottom of the box you have a legend where it informs you with which method you are using and the name of the account that was used for this.

In the fourth box, it will ask you to determine your gender, that is, if you are a man or a woman. The next step is to complete your details with the language you speak and the country of origin.

Finally, you have to select at least five topics that interest you, such as makeup, fashion, decoration, clothes, dog, pet, anime, etc. You have a large selection of categories.

When you have selected at least five categories, click Finish to start using it.

Create a profile in Canva to start using it

Creating a profile in Canva is much easier. You can create a profile using your Google or Facebook account and you will not be asked to enter any other information. After creating your profile, it will take you to a new screen to create an image.

Having a profile in Canva is free, but you can access its paid version for better quality and variety in the images it offers you. You can create an immense number of projects, since Canva offers you more than 100 (one hundred) templates to design whatever you want.

How to create a Pinterest image with Canva quickly and easily

Log in to Canva from a mobile device or your computer. We recommend doing this from your computer's browser, as editing will be considerably easier from a large screen.

Sign in if you haven't already. On the left of the screen you have an options menu. We will select the first from the list Create a design and then choose Pinterest from the drop-down list.

Or you can do it from the Pinterest home page by clicking Design a new image for Pinterest.

Both options will take you to the same screen. If you pay attention, on the left of the screen you have several sections for choose the type of pin you want to draw:

  • video
  • Pasto
  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • All the results

You can also add trending photos on Pinterest to edit, elements like emoticons, frames, animations on photos, text to create one and below ideas on how to combine fonts with letter sizes, music classified by styles, video preset, borders of colors, upload files from your gallery such as images or videos, etc.

In the center of the screen you can see that you have icons on each page you create to copy, delete, add notes or a title.

You just have to do fly your imagination, the template editor is extremely easy to use and instinctive. Now create your brooch. You can then upload the image or video to Pinterest from any device.

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