How to Create an Index in Excel Using Shapes - Quick and Easy

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What should you do to create an index in Excel using shapes?

Mainly you have to insert the book in which you want to create the index and activate the option » Developer ", For this you will have to enter" Fillet »In this menu, click on the section» options ". The best most useful keyboard shortcuts to use in Excel will help you in the process.

A new menu will appear where you need to locate the option » Customize bar Multifunction «, Click and then check the box" Developer «.

Now, click on the tab » Developer »And press the combination» Alt + F11 »To create a new module. Copy the following code:

Under New Index ()

Dim Num Leaf As Integer

Sheets.Add Before: = Sheets (1) To NumSheet = 2 To Worksheets.Count ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add _ Anchor: = Cells (NumSheet - 1, 2), _ Address: = «», _ SubAddress: = «'» & Worksheets (NumSheet) .Name & «'! A1 ", _ TextToDisplay: = Worksheets (NumSheet) .Name Cells (NumSheet - 1, 1) = NumSheet - 1Next NumHojaActiveSheet.Name =" Index "ActiveWindow.DisplayGridlines = FalseEnd Sub

Paste it into the module you created and close the Visual Basic wizard, now you have to run the macro we created.

Use the shortcut " Alt + F8 »To open the macro menu where you have to activate the macro we have created and which you can identify by its name New Index.

After running the macro, we will create the index with the hyperlink to the pages that our book has, also we will create an index link on each page to return to the main page.

How long do you need to create an index in Excel?

The order of our books is one of the most important things, because this helps us to know where to look or locate each new date that we get, for example when we create a data form for a web page in Excel.

The idea of ​​an index strongly resonates with accounting or the inventories of large companies; where the amount of data can be quite high and of great distinction between one and the other.

This is also considered within the skills in Excel, which makes you stand out as an advanced Excel connoisseur, thus giving you an edge as a possible employee of any company.

Advanced Excel is considered a combination of programming and using spreadsheets and cards that can only be created with certain codes.

Can you add other options?

Given the wide range of codes that can be inserted in Excel, the possibilities are many; giving the opportunity to create almost anything we imagine with a few minutes of our time.

Knowledge of programming is perhaps a bit imperative in the face of these qualities of the tool, as this is the basis for much of its functionality.

We can also save all these options and leave the generated codes, a matter that when we need them we just have to copy them and insert them into the module.

Whenever and are discovered new options and developments who deserve a little more scrutiny or new acquaintances; but which in turn lead to getting the most out of that tool that some of us sometimes just have and don't even touch.

Finally, Excel continues to maintain its reputation as useful and reliable tool, with its ability to calculate mathematics and its options for creating tables; interactive charts and dashboards and many more that keep you on top

We therefore hope that this tutorial is useful and allows you to create as many indexes as you want and also becomes a new knowledge that you can offer.

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