How to create an Instagram profile for businesses? - Step by step

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Instagram is one of the best social networks in the world. With millions of users living on their platform, they have managed to create a profitable business model that benefits both the social network and ordinary people. Therefore today you will learn how to create an Instagram profile for businesses quickly and easily.

An Instagram profile in the current times is considered a key link for business. Knowing how to handle it even allows you to convert Lightroom Presets into Instagram filters, combining both modes and giving a better look.

In this world, anyone who is left behind loses and no one wants to be left behind, so it is good to find ways to start new businesses. That is why the topic you will learn today, which is much simpler than it looks and in the future, can generate profits that translate into many dollars and popularity.

What is an Instagram profile that is used for businesses?

Before starting the process of creating a profile Instagram for companies, you should know what this happy profile is as such. Basically it is a profile for companies from which you can manage and measure your presence in the social network, as well as market and campaign for your products.

The main difference with the normal user profile is that in this you can add contact buttons such as: call, email and how to get there. These will appear directly on your profile just below the description. And speaking of that, here we are are also of the changes compared to a normal profile and that is that it allows you to add the category of your business, which will make it stand out even more from the rest.


Finally there is also the fact that you can connect it to yours page Corporate Facebook (if you have one), so that every time you post on Instagram it also appears on this other social network.

How to create an Instagram profile for businesses?

Now yes, it's time to talk about how this profile can be created. The first thing you should do is create a personal profile to start earning with an Instagram account without being an influencer. Mark the last icon at the bottom right, press the wheel that appears at the top left to open the settings.

Here you will get an option called “Change company profile ”Press it, then connect the account with the Facebook account (this is not strictly necessary, however it is recommended if you have one).

In case you decide to do this, continue with the next step which is the link to a Fan page and finally most importantly add an email (as a second recommendation the email should be corporate, but this is not mandatory), with the latter it will be ready (if you decide not to, simply configure the email ).

Instagram profile settings

As you may have noticed, create an Instagram profile for companies it is not difficult at all, the real challenge is to make it attractive. For this you must take into account the following aspects: The username, the profile picture, the description, the contact, the Feed and the Stories highlighted.


All of these elements are what people who visit the profile will see, so you need to pay close attention to how they are set up. First of all, it's important to note that you can make a backup copy of your Instagram photos in case you already have some in mind to post.

Furthermore , clarify at any moment what makes you different from others and use your profile picture and stories to showcase your core product and personal brand.

If you have a webpage, put the link to it and also try to make sure that the profile name is the same as this one so that people will like it. Finally, enter your contact information, this makes people feel safe when they proceed to purchase a product or ask.

With the latter, you know what it is for create an Instagram profile for companies and you also have the basic knowledge to set up, so go ahead and start making your mark on social networks.

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