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Using this type of animation for your logos or buttons is becoming more and more fashionable among computer users. Where there are also pages to create or create a rotating animated logo. Perhaps this is due to the growing growth of the web and the different strategies used to communicate. For this reason it is very useful to know how to create and animate logos, texts, buttons with movement and more, 3D animations.

In the following article we will teach you how to create and animate logos, texts, buttons with movement. Through a tool you will be able to create 3D animations so that you can use them on your social networks, giving a unique and captivating style to your projects. Read on so you know how to do it, very easily.

How to create and animate logos, texts, floating buttons and more

create and animate logos, texts, floating buttons and more, we will use a very practical tool. The program is called Xara 3D and will allow you to create these animations and insert them on your blog or website. It's great for creating videos and can help you attract more customers to your business.

Download and install the program on your personal computer, after finishing the folder where your program will be will open. The next thing you will do is create a right clip.

When you do that, a window with different options will appear and you will choose Run as administrator. Another window will appear and we will create a clip in the option Yes, we hope it gets done. And the program will appear on the screen, from now on you can start making your own 3D animations.

How to use the program to create 3D animations

If we go to the left side of the program, we will find different options, these will be the different designs we can choose from. When you select one of them, a previous image will be shown, so you have an idea of ​​what our text will look like. Choose the one you like best so you can add your text.

To do this, you will go to the top where the different designs are located and you will find an icon with an uppercase letter A and a lowercase letter. When you create a clip, a box will appear where you will write the text, you can also choose the font, shape size, orientation, etc. After that, make a clip on Ok.

Now you can see yours logo in 3D, on the right side of the screen you will find other options, with them you can change the color, textures, designs, etc. If you realize this, you can review all of these options and make changes and improvements to your text. It is very easy to work with this program and it offers you immense possibilities.

Here is a section in the options that I just called you and it refers to animations, for this you will create a clip in the option Animation Picker. This will open a window in which the most important ones appear. But you will go to the top right and make a clip on the folder icon.

Several folders will appear and select Animation, when you create a clip you will look at all the folders it contains and you can choose the one you like best, then create a clip to open. Now we just have to save, for this we go to File and then to Export animation. Finally we choose the folder on our computer and that's it.

In a very simple way you learned create and animate logos, text, moving buttons and more in 3D animations. After learning I assure you that you will want to learn how to make animations for drawings or figures of characters. And all this with the use of a fabulous design and animation tool.

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