How to create and mount an ISO image with Daemon Tools

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To perform this simple but complex operation, we will use the Daemon Tools program, which although it may not seem very easy to use and with the simple steps that we will teach you, you will become an expert by doing these montages. Without wasting time, let's start explaining how to create and mount an ISO image with Daemon Tools.

How to create and mount an ISO image

The first thing we need to do is download and install the programma Daemon Tools on our computer, we must also note that we are working with the Windows 10 operating system. If we go to the My PC menu, we can appreciate the devices and drives our computer has.

If we are in the same window as My Computer, in the lower left we will find the catalog images option, this option belongs to the programma Daemon Tools. This is an image folder and if we select it we will see that we have no images. We quit My PC and enter the program we just installed.

Upon entering the program, we will mount an image to simulate that we have an optical disc player, such as a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray. And that there is an optical disc in that drive, because there are currently many programs that require you to have a disc in the drive and we will simulate that action with this procedure.

With that figured out, we will proceed to mount the image, the next thing we will do is while in the Daemon Tools program, we will appreciate that we have several options at the top. And two more on the left side which are Images and Devices, I select images and select the Add option in the top menu.

Next, it will search your computer for the image you must have saved earlier and then click Open. The image will appear in the program but still needs to be mounted. To do this, we will select the image by positioning the mouse on the image and then we will make a right clip.

Mount and remove ISO images

When we do this, a dialog box appears with several options and we have to choose Mount, make a clip and we will see that it will start processing the request. And it will already be mounted, to confirm this, let's go to My PC and we can see that in Devices and drives it is a BD-ROM drive appeared.

You can also observe that it shows as if the drive contains a disk and this is the idea to make the program believe that you have a disk drive and it is busy. It is so long that if we explore the files on the disc, we will find audio content in the different folders.

Now if you want to disassemble this unit for mount another image, you just have to select the image in the program, make a right clip and select delete. If you go to My Computer, you will find that the disk drive continues to appear but no disk. To wipe the drive, go to the program and select Device.

Then the device appears and you have to position yourself on it with the mouse and make a right clip and then choose Remove this virtual drive. And as you have seen, mount the ISO images using the Daemon Tools program   it is very simple and easy to do.

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