How to create clones for my photos on my Android and iOS mobile

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This amazing application will give you will allow to clone you in the same photo, this means exact duplicates of the same person in a single image. But not in the same pose, i.e. the same person would appear doing different actions, in the same photo. But how will it be possible, because with this application it will be something very simple to do and we will show you how to do it.

There are applications that you can only find in the virtual stores of one or another operating system and even on web pages. But today we will show you an App available both in the App Store and in the Play Store and downloading it on your mobile is very simple, as you already know, from these virtual stores you can download movies, games, music and more.

How to create clones for my photos on my Android and iOS mobile

Before we start we will talk about the application we will use to create clones in our photographic images, it is Clone Camera. The highlight of this App is obviously besides replicating people or objects in the same image. It is that it guides you through the whole process and you always know what the next step is so that you get an amazing result.

Among the various functions available to this application, we can mention the timer with which you will click more photographs in four times. You can also share your images at any time, as it is connected to different platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Twitter. It also offers high resolution images.

To download this great App, you can do it perfectly via the App Store if you have devices that work with iOS systems. And if you have Android systems, you can do it from the Play Store. Its download is free and you will enjoy an application that has the highest rating from users, so don't wait any longer to use and create clones of your photos.

Steps to create clones for my photos on my android and ios mobile phone

Once you have downloaded and installed the application on your smartphone, you can start using this tool without any problems. And to get it up and running we need to do the following. We take a photo of a person, so in the same plane or place where you took the first photo, you will take more of the same person, but in different areas of the plane.

We must indicate in each photo where the person we are going to clone is, once this operation has been performed. Now it's up to the application to do its job and merge the result of each photo into one. And the result will be, the cloning of the person who it will give a very realistic as well as surprising result.

If you want to take a selfie you can do it using the timer and you can also choose the filters, in order to have an artistic finish. It is important to note that the frame taken by the application will always be the first photo. So if you move around a bit in the following photos, they won't be very noticeable, so don't worry too much about this detail.

The only recommendation we can make for you to have great finishes of your clones is respect distances between the positions of the person. The greater the distance between one clone and another, you will not have problems with overlapping images.

In this way we end with the explanation of how to use this fantastic tool that will allow you to create a very captivating effect. And with this App you can do or in a few minutes create clones for my photos on my android and ios mobile phone.

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