How to Create Custom Thumbnail for Youtube Videos in Photoshop CC

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Today there are many activities that can be accessed to have a good income. Among which we can mention buying and selling articles on the Internet, giving private lessons on a specific topic via video calls and even making video su YouTube e monetize your videos.

The latter is very good, since with excellent creativity you can call a large number of subscribers and views, data that directly affects the amount of money that the platform will pay us, being essential to see the statistics of the Youtube channel. That's why you have to worry about the smallest details like thumbnails.

What are thumbnails in videos?

Once you've successfully uploaded your video to YouTube from your mobile or PC, it's important to focus on the thumbnails. Thumbnails in videos are in a way the little presentation  of the video in as such, or a small image in which we will be able to see what the video is about. These are displayed from the video list on the YouTube page, before inserting a specific video.

Its main focus is on offer the user an attractive snack, which is what makes the video more interesting or fun. For example, in videos about paranormal subjects, the priority is to show that presence in the image, resulting in so much attention that the user will want to see the video instantly.

Can thumbnails be added and edited on YouTube videos?

There are several ways to add and edit thumbnails, among the best known to youtubers is YouTube Studio, which is a program with which this activity can be done automatically.

Now if we don't want to use the miniature generated on YouTube, we can choose the option of create our own. There is a large variety of programs that allow us to customize these images, which we then only have to upload to the platform so that they are saved.

What programs exist to be able to create thumbnails?

There are numerous programs that allow us to create thumbnails of our videos, this Canva, Picmonkey, Fotojet, Fotor, Backgrounder 3 and others. As well as there are programs that focus on the activity from Android devices such as iMovies, Pixir, Insta collage and so on.

But among the best we can find there is Photoshop CC, which is a very characterized platform with the possibility of saving the contents created in a space on the internet. So that it is no longer necessary to take it to a pendrive and download it to another computer to continue working on it.

How to create custom thumbnails for YouTube videos in Photoshop CC?

Often to make the miniature we have to understand different things, the main thing is that all of these programs work with levels ; which is a tool that allows us to send an image from the front or back. Resulting in a single image where several have been added.

THE inserting images it's very simple, just download the image and drag it with the mouse to Photoshop, and it will give you the best possible position. Hence, it is just as easy add words to the imageby simply selecting the text option, a field for writing will be enabled.

So what we need to do to make good miniatures is drag a background image that would be the first level, then add other additional images (creator photos, icons, objects and among others) and finish writing the title of the video with a certain font and color.

Always the most important thing is to know what the Photoshop program is and what it is for, which has been developed so that designing and editing images is as simple as possible for users and that this opens the doors for materialize much of what our imagination can create.

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