How to create free virtual classrooms and create an alternative to face-to-face education

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With the advice we will give you below, you can give the lessons you want in a simple way, and all in a virtual way. Also, if you are a student, nothing will stop you from getting the education you want and need so badly. There is no doubt that advances in technology can help us do this.

On the other hand, Google Meet in teacher mode becomes a great option to carry out virtual lessons in a practical way.

How to create free virtual classrooms?

For many professionals, education is the means of work. Both teachers and teachers have suffered from the limitations of these days, so much so that they have not been able to work as they were used to. But, thanks to the possibilities that technology offers us, many have found really useful alternatives to continue with education.

In fact, for example, teaching Zoom virtual lessons has become an option used around the world. Millions of students, teachers and professors of all ages have turned to this crafts of education unique and different. And, if you want to start implementing it, please read on and find out how to do it the easy way.

How to create an alternative to face-to-face education with Zoom?

Although this video calling app was not very well known recently, Zoom has become one of the most used video calling platforms in the world.

And it is understandable, since when you download this app on your Windows PC or Mac, it offers us a large number of functions which make it a great option for teaching virtual lessons. For these times, Zoom is a great alternative for face-to-face education.

Zoom has many options that make it easy lessons between students and teachers. For example, it has an interactive whiteboard that makes it much easier to explain topics.

In addition to having the opportunity to raise your hand and then express your opinion in an orderly manner. In addition, the creator of the meeting, or the teacher, has the ability to put a silence the participants that they want to be needed.

And just like you, Zoom has many more options that make virtual lessons a real pleasure from home. To start enjoying all of this, you first need to download the completely free Zoom app from its official website or, if you have a mobile device, from its virtual store. The steps you need to follow to create a meeting in Zoom are:

  • First, create a account Zoom from its official website.
  • Once this is done, go to the previously downloaded app and log in with yours email e password.
  • On the main screen of the app, press the option "New meeting".

That's all! Of course, you need to remember that your device must have a functional camera and microphone for all options to work properly. But as you will see, it is really easy to get started with Zoom to teach virtual lessons, it is undoubtedly a useful alternative to face-to-face education.

What other options does Zoom have for teaching virtual lessons?

There are many options that Zoom has to offer the virtual classrooms we want. For example, we can share content that we like with others, be it videos or images, to contribute something to the class. Plus, it has a live chat where all attendees can comment and comment on whatever they want.

Another very useful detail, undoubtedly, are the invitations that we can make in a simple way. Once we've created a Zoom meeting schedule, we can send invitations to whom we want, via WhatsApp or via e-mail.

In short, while nothing can replace traditional or face-to-face education, it goes without saying that Zoom is a great alternative in these changing times. We invite you to find out for yourself.

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