How to create my own custom keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10?

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Since we know this and want many of them to come to light, we present the following tutorial. What will it teach you how to create my own custom keyboard shortcuts in windows 10?

As you already know, keyboard shortcuts are a very useful function when you want to do a specific task. So that we do not need much use of the keyboard and with the combination of two or more keys a certain task is carried out. In older systems, these shortcuts are preset, but in Windows 10 can be created and customized at will.

We are dedicated to offering you tutorials that show you how to efficiently use the different applications and operating systems most used today. In the case of Windows 10, it is possible without any problem to automatically update all the applications on my PC.

How to create my own custom keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10?

Here is a very simple way to create or create your own custom keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10. They are a combination of keys to which you can give a desired value and thus perform a specific task, both on the PC, both in programs and in the browser. These are tricks that will allow you to avoid having to use the mouse and will help you simplify your life, save precious time and increase your productivity.

We can do this for specific programs that we use on our PC, so in this way we can access specific tools, via shortcuts. As you should already know, there are some very common shortcuts like Ctrl + V to paste or Ctrl + Z to cancel writing or WIN+E to access File Explorer.

But if you feel that these shortcuts are not enough for you and you need to create new ones, which allow you to have access to other tools or functions. Next we'll show you the steps you need to take for this purpose, so let's get started.

Creating keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

The first step is to go to the Start menu from your PC, now you have to search and select the program in which you are going to create your shortcuts. After finding the program in question, you need to search for the following option Open file path. This action will generate a window and you position yourself in it and you have to right click.

A menu will appear and in it you will choose the Properties option, now at this point you need to create and set the keyboard shortcuts. For this we suggest you write them down and have a list of the different key combinations. Now hook the Link option and you will see several fields from which you will select the hotkey.

Finally you have to insert the shortcut you created and perform a specific function in the program. After this you have to click Apply, so that the changes you have made are saved in this way. And you are ready, in a very simple, easy and fast way you have  created your own custom keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10.

Before we wrap up with this tutorial, you should know that the shortcut you use to create keyboard shortcuts must always start with the Ctrl key. The following key or keys can be of your choice. But this should be a point you should keep in mind, so that it always works for you and you have no problems.

And now we have come to the end of this very interesting and fascinating article that showed you that it is possible to create key combinations to access applications without touching the mouse. And you learned the steps to follow to create mine Custom keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10.

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