How to create my own Windows letter fonts with Prototypo

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The world is becoming more and more technological, so having a computer and all the tools that teams can put at your disposal are extremely important elements.

The number of programs you can find on the web or in the computer application store, such as those with a Windows operating system, it can be almost incalculable.

What is the prototype?

For those living in the world of graphic design, content writing and other industries where la typography it is an important element for personal and academic development projects, professionals, Prototypo is an amazing tool for this.

The Prototypo platform comes to provide you with the tools you need so that you can leave the boring and very common fonts and start give a much more creative touch to your advertising, writing designs for your blog or any other type of project.

Let's talk about typography

Like the colors, the typography can convey ideas and emotions, being an extremely important element in achieving perfect harmony of your design… and what better way to achieve this impact than to design the letters as you please.

First steps for Prototypo

This interesting typography tool for computers with Windows operating system it's completely free, although it maintains a paid version which, of course, offers a wide range of complementary tools and features that can be very important to your projects.

Getting started exploring this platform isn't difficult at all. To start taking your first steps in Prototypo, you just need to log in to the web platform. There is no need to create an account or confirm an email address. Since you have to only log in with a Facebook, Twitter or Google account to start enjoying their services.

Explore the sources

Once you are in Prototypo, you will be able to start viewing, mainly, the system default fonts. This way, you could get the font you need much faster than you thought. Or just the idea of ​​the font you want to create.

A personal touch

When you select the font you want to use as a starting point for creating your own font, it's time to explore and take advantage of each of the tools that Prototypo puts at your disposal in so that your creation is simply perfect.

  • Play with the look you want to give the font.
  • It determines other aspects of the font, such as thickness, slant, height and a number of other characteristics that will allow you to make your creation something simply unique.
  • Once you are done with your design, you can export it for free and start using it wherever and whenever you want.

Do you need inspiration?

Prototypo is a platform used by more than fifty thousand people around the world. In this page you can find extraordinary works made by real professionals. Which can serve as inspiration for your font design and keep a library full of true typographic artwork.

Economic incentive

In addition to stimulating the creativity of its users, Prototype encourages people using this platform to create and design fonts to sell their creations.

Understanding that creativity is a gift that can help sustain many people. That is why the paid version of this platform can become a advertising investment significant to be known in the world.

Start creating with Prototypo

This tool is probably not as shockingly famous as other programs that fulfill these functions. But, without a doubt, Prototypo gives its users the opportunity to unleash their ingenuity and create fun and amazing fonts for their projects.

If you are one of those people who want to venture into the world of graphics. Writing content, designing web pages or just looking for the ideal typography to translate it into t-shirts, bags and any other type of accessory. Feel free to use this impressive web platform that will surely leave you with the desire to keep creating.

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