How to create or create a Facebook chat group on computer

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The creation of this group of Chat is very useful to create an environment, where users feel they meet all those who have time, do not meet. It's like a remote meeting, the same thing that happens when you do this group chat on WhatsApp. Here we will show you how easy it is   create or create a Facebook chat group on your computer.

Remember that not only can you talk and message your friends via this group chat, but you can also send photos, animations, videos and more. And everyone will receive the same content you send in the group. We will explain to you in the next few lines what you owe do to create a Facebook chat group on your computer.

How to create or create a Facebook chat group on computer

We will explain below what steps you need to follow to create or create a Facebook chat group on your computer. And the first thing you should do is go to the Google search engine and write the Facebook address. Then enter your details so that you can log into your account and you can log in.

After you're on yours Facebook page ., you have to go to the top left where the blue bar is and where different icons appear. At the end of this bar you will find an arrow, you have a clip on it. When you do that, a menu with different options will appear and there you can see the Create Group option.

You need to create a clip in this option and when you do that a new window called Create new group. Here you will observe several aspects that you need to fill in to form the chat group . First you need to add the name to the group, second you need to fill in the Add some people option, here you need to write the contact name or email.

Facebook chat group settings

And these people will get an invitation to join your group, below you will find the Select privacy option. By default, the closed group will always appear, but you can change it if you wish. To do this, go to the right of this option and you will find an arrow pointing down.

Make a clip on that icon and several options will appear, including Public group and secret group, but we must advise you to choose the option that is provided by default, which is Closed group. By doing this, you will prevent another person from joining without your consent. So any contact who wants to be part of the group must ask for permission.

And now to finish creating or creating a group of Facebook chat on your computer, we will create a clip in the Create option. Next, a window will appear with the name of Promote your blog or business. And it will ask you to choose an icon. You have to choose the one of your preference and then click on the Accept option.

Now another window appears asking you to upload a photo, make a clip on this option and it will take you to your computer to locate the photo. After selecting it, click on the Open option, wait a few seconds for it to load. When the image appears, you will only have to create a clip in the option to save the changes.

And it's that easy you have created a Facebook Chat group on your computer, in a few minutes and every time you post, all group members will receive it.

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