How to create or insert a music folder when Windows 10 starts

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In Windows 10 we have, as in all its versions, the ability to manage the folders that are found by default within the same operating system, that is, we find the typical folders for documents, photos, videos and more.

Within the Windows 10 start menu we will find our music folder as a shortcut, but we have to do it ourselves step by step to make sure it is found when we bring up the start menu.

How to put a music folder on Windows 10 Start?

  1. To start we have to right-click on the main screen of our desktop and in this way a menu is displayed in which we have the options.
  2. Inside is the “Customize” option which we will click and a new window will open which will not help to change the configuration.
  3. In this new window we will go to the “Home” section to activate it.
  4. So we have to press where it tells us “Choose which folders you want to appear in Start”.
  5. They will get results on the options they can add at the beginning and we have to look for the “Music” option which we will find as “Disabled”.
  6. Selecting it we will find that it will be activated so that this configuration appears inside 10 Windows Start.

This way, we can log in to configure everything we need to appear in 10 Windows Start and when we activate it, it will remain inside it when we enter.

We may also know that this way create shortcuts within Windows it is possible very easily.

How to disable folders on Windows 10 startup?

  1. To start we need to enter the "Customize" menu.
  2. To do this you will have to right-click on the home screen of our computer and there we will look for the option.
  3. Entering we can see that we have options to customize the "Start" menu and from there we can select which folders to display.
  4. Select the option “Choose which folders you want to appear on Start”.
  5. In the list provided by this option we will see which folders we can allow to be displayed within the Start menu and then generate a quick link for the folders you use the most.
  6. By selecting the "Activated" option we can view the folders from the "Start" menu.

To get quick access to your most important folders, we can use this method and in this way ensure that your user experience within Windows 10 is optimal and easy to access.

Windows 10 has undergone many improvements in recent times and its users are more and more comfortable with the browsing experience within it, a good strategy of this company for improve performance in Windows 10.

Windows 10 improvements

  • modality  • innovative business organization based on the use of technologies and digitalization of internal and external processes, as well as the active and continued promotion of the services we offer through business development, marketing and communication systems (letter "I" of our logo actually stands for "Innovation");. Within the “Task View” menu we will find a timeline to organize the contents in a more interactive way.
  • Share nearby. An application that joins the operating system by offering the possibility via Bluetooth to share files, photos, web pages with other devices.
  • Microsoft Edge. This new browser tries to stay with the highest position and has launched an improvement in navigation, greater fluidity when browsing. If you want this new browser, you can easily install Microsoft Edge. 

This complete guide to learn to create or put a music folder when Windows 10 starts in easy and practical way so you can do it without the need for professional help to customize Windows 10 on your computer.

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