How to create or open a Facebook account without email? - Very easy

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Although this same social network has presented many problems due to privacy, apparently there are more those who prefer to continue using it, regardless of being exposed in a photograph. Is that Facebook has become an addiction for many and they must always be connected so as not to miss any publication of their contacts.

And referring to this same issue about what our contacts do or post, in a recent publication. We were able to offer you an article in which we showed you a little trick and that's how I can see my friends' upcoming birthday dates on Facebook.

How to create or open a Facebook account without email?

For the uninitiated, among the new functions or options offered to all users, both those who already have an account and those who do not. Facebook offers you the ability to create an account without the need to enter an email. In addition to a telephone number and this for what has already been mentioned in terms of privacy.

This option is called test account and then we will explain what you need so you can create or open a Facebook account without email. But these types of accounts have a limit and it is good that you know this first. Firstly, you cannot interact with real accounts, only with the same of this type or trial.

These test accounts will never be converted to real accounts, nor can you comment on Fanpage likes. It is also good to know that it is not possible to enter a false identity and that the platform can detect it as such. Once we know these limitations, we'll tell you how create or open a Facebook account without email.

Steps to open a test account on Facebook

The first thing you should do is log in with a real account Facebook, it can be yours or if you don't have one, you can use a friend's. The next step is to enter this page from there you can create the test account. You can also configure the features you want this account to have.

Then we will be shown the button Create new account, we must press or click on this option, we can also read in this window the limitations we have already referred to. Then we will see the data that the platform has automatically created for us. We need to write down and save these data, such as username and password.

If you prefer, you can optionally change the password that Facebook you It has provided. Once this is done, we can close the window and we can see the account we have created, as well as the options to delete the account or reset the password. It is from here therefore that we can delete the account, when we no longer want to use it.

Now through this account you can access the Facebook platform, but you have to take into account the restrictions you have to use it. That is why we advise you, if you do not have a Facebook account, to create one and start enjoying the benefits and advantages that the most used social network in the world offers to its users.

This brings us to the happy ending of this tutorial, which shows you a new option that Facebook has included in its platform. And if you have trouble entering data such as email or phone number, this account is ideal for you. And in a very simple way we show you how to create or open a Facebook account without email?

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